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0x (ZRX) and the Brilliant Performance of the First ERC20 to Get a Coinbase Listing

Ever since 0x (ZRX) was mentioned in the official announcement that came from the officials of Coinbase exchange, the currency is gaining an increased momentum alongside with several other mentioned tokens and coins like Basic Attention Token (BAT), Cardano (ADA), Stellar Lumens (XLM), and ZCash (ZEC).

Although ZRX was doing rather well in the market even outside the hype revolving around Coinbase listing, it needs to be noted that the greatest positive moves made by this currency took place only three days after the original announcement that ZRX is being considered for a listing on Coinbase.

As the statement came out on Medium on July 13th, YRX went from as low as 0.62$ per one unit towards going over the value of 1.22$ on July 16th.

However, ZRX touched the price of 1$ per one unit even before the announcement, on the 6th of July, to where it came from the price of 0.60$ as recorded at the end of June of the current year.

Ox (ZRX) One of the Top Performers in the Market among the Top 100

What makes ZRX so special in the eyes of crypto enthusiasts and investors is the fact that this ERC20 token allows for anyone around the globe to build their own decentralized exchange through its own unique protocol.

ZRX is a part of Ethereum blockchain where it resides as an ERC20 type token, growing in value as well as in demand as it became the first ERC20 token to be listed on one of the biggest and most popular decentralized exchanges, Coinbase.

On October 24th, 0x is seen dropping against the dollar by a bit over -1%, however, the 24-hour decline is hardly harming the token since all weekly and monthly carts of ZRX indicate major price boost and improvement in the performance in the market.

That is how ZRX is only dropping by merely -1% in a single day dip, while showing positive returns by 15% in the last 14 days, over 36% in the last 30 days, as well 21% in the period of the last two months.

0x (ZRX) Monthly Chart (3 months) – Coin Market Cap

Moreover, while Bitcoin (BTC) lost -66% of its total value since making to its record price, whilst the majority of top cryptos went down against the fiat from -75% to over -90% in many cases, ZRX lost only -64% due to the stubborn and frequent market dips.

To conclude the fact that ZRX really does represent one of the top performers in the top 100 list, the currency is showing gains of over 330% in the course of a single year, also showcasing a stable pace of growth for the past two months.

Although ZRX is currently being traded at the price of 0.89$ it should be able to break through the resistance of 0.90$ with the first sight of more positive trends in the market which should enable 0x to reach for another rebound heading towards the value of 1$ and beyond.

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