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Lisk (LSK) Up by Over 20% in a Single Day

It seems that Lisk (LSK) is one of the top trending currencies on August 24th in accordance with its trading volume. Even though the market is seriously going bearish at the current moment, acting as a prolonged market crisis, Lisk has gone up by over 20% in a single day, making up for one of the top gainers on August 24th.

Additionally, Lisk seems to be one of the top gaining coins of the week as well, as we can see it trading in the green as it has gone up by 23% against the dollar during the last seven days thanks to the latest increase of over 20% in the last 24 hours.

Lisk Expecting the Migration of Lisk Core 1.0 to Mainnet

Lisk has announced what is said to be one of the most integral milestones in the roadmap of this cryptocurrency, which might be the reason why Lisk is seeing a notable price improvement as the date of the official migration is getting near.

The team stated that the new Lisk Core 1.0 should make up for a very important part of Lisk network, adding that the migration should take place once the block height of 6,901,027.

The team further stated that they expect to see the specified block height reached on August 29th, when the new core version of Lisk network should replace version 0.9.16.

The new version of Lisk network should play a major role in further operations of Lisk as the Core version 1.0 had a great number of commits, counting up to 8000, also having been resolved around 1000 different issues. The new version that should become effective on August 29th will be the first version to host the new and improved Quality Assurance process, new peer-to=peer communication layer, new API and more.

Given the fact that Lisk has already had two successful test nets regarding the new version of the system, it might be the case that the swift completion of this milestone is one of the main factors driving Lisk up against the bear market.

Lisk Going Up by Over 20% in the Last 24 hours

LSK is showing some excessive progress in the market on August 24th as the launching of the new Core version 1.0 is expected to be released on August 29th. It seems that the precise driving force behind this unexpected price pump is, in fact, the expected mainnet update so we can see Lisk gaining around 22% in the last 24 hours, while it is also rising up against BTC by over 19% in a single day.

Thanks to the latest increase, Lisk has brought it success to the weekly charts, so while the majority of cryptocurrencies are showing negative results on weekly charts, Lisk, alongside with Nano coin, is rising up against the dollar in the course of the seven days as well. However, while Nano marked 35% of gains in a single week, Lisk collected 23% concluded with August 24th.

LSK is currently being traded at the price of 4.85$, while it made its all-time high of around 38$ back in January.

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