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Shooter Jennings Talks up Ethereum Based, Peepeth, on the JRE Podcast

The Joe Rogan podcast otherwise known as the JRE podcast has been known to feature a lot of interesting personalities. Recently the podcast featured American singer and songwriter, Shooter Jennings, who indulged Joe Rogan in a conversion about ethereum-based Twitter alternative, Peepeth. Peepeth allows for the deletion of permanent tweets embedded on the blockchain without any censorship. The famous rightwing host of the InfoWars podcast, Alex Jones, also came up in the conversation between Joe Rogan and Shooter Jennings. The pair went back and forth about the ban imposed by Twitter, Facebook, and YouTube on Alex Jones.  The argument here is that these social media platforms had gone against the idea of free speech.

While discussing how out of order the ban on Alex Jones was, Shooter Jennings introduced Peepeth, a decentralized social media platform with anticensorship features. Jennings described Peepeth as a Twitter alternative that is just starting out. Jennings further stated that it was just like Twitter but built on the Ethereum network. According to Shooter Jennings, every tweet or message is embedded on the Ethereum blockchain. This works on the back of the technology behind decentralized applications (dAPPS). Users on the blockchain cannot alter any data in the block whether it is a transaction or unique information processed using smart contracts.

According to Jennings, decentralized systems have unique importance when it comes to initiating communication or conducting activities without being monitored by a central authority. Shooter Jennings also described the platform as sounding complicated but a lot of fun and also speculated that it could become the next hot thing in the blockchain circles. The importance of dAPPS has been made quite clear with a few test runs proving successful. dAPPS allow for people to utilize social media platforms as well as live streaming apps freely without third-party interference.

The current impasse between the United States and Turkey is a glittering example of how the blockchain can help different economies. The conflict between the United States and Turkey has led to the Turkish Lira losing about half its value. Decentralized systems would be a viable option for countries that find themselves on the receiving end of currency devaluation since they do not have centralized mechanisms of control. Bitcoins and other altcoins have become a big hit in Venezuela lately after the Country’s president Nicolas Maduro decided to devalue the Bolivar, which is the country’s national currency by 95 percent overnight.

Despite Dapps getting major airtime, such as on the JRE podcast, Gnosis creator Martin Koppelmann is of the belief that decentralized systems like dapps and ethereum will have to depend on each other for the creation of great and useful products. Decentralized systems are getting more and more attractive after the recent censorship of Alex Jones due to their anti-censorship, immutable and decentralized nature.

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