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Top Gainers and Top Losers in the Crypto Market – October 28th to November 4th

  • The last couple of days left of October, as well as the first week of November of 2018, is not looking quite flattering for the top ten list of cryptocurrencies.
  • Neither of the top-rated cryptos is showing a notable pace of growth that could eventually place them on the list of top gainers of the week.
  • The “bottom list” cryptos are emerging as the biggest gainers of the first week of November 2018.

On the bright side, the constant market dips are not pushing the top list of cryptos to the list of top losers, which brings us to our list of top gainers and losers of the week between October 28th and November 4th.

As the top twenty currencies are headed for a rebound at the end of the first week of November, some less known currencies from the list of over 2,000 live trading coins are emerging with massive gains.

Quantis Network (QUAN), Bitcoin Incognito (XBI), and StarCoin (KST) Definite Gainers of the Week

In case you haven’t heard of Quantis Network (QUAN) by far, this is no wonder at all, as this less known crypto is ranked among the top 900 currencies, taking the place of 886th “largest” coin.

Quantis Network (QUAN) – weekly chart – Coin Market Cap

However, that didn’t stop QUAN from taking the crown of the top gainer of the week with gaining the extraordinary set of gains that went above 245% against the fiat in the course of the last seven days.

The underdog QUAN is still collecting gains in the last 24 hours, collecting over 20% against the fiat in a single bull run.

Following, the next top gainer, Bitcoin Incognito is marked as the second top gainer, collecting over 185% of gains in the last seven days.

Bitcoin Incognito (XBI) – weekly chart – Coin Market Cap


The third spot is taken by another “underdog” and a not as familiar currency called StarCoin (KST).

StarCoin is bouncing off vigorously by almost 50% in a single bull run on the last day of the week while showcasing the total of 121% of gains in the course of the last week.

StarCoin (KST) – weekly chart – Coin Market Cap

As far as the top ten crew concerned, there aren’t any notable gains, except in Bitcoin Cash (BCH) which is going up by 30% in the last seven days, 20% of this result collected during the last 24 hours.

Bitcoin Cash (BCH) – weekly chart – Coin Market Cap

RusGas (RGS) Currency the Top Loser of the First Week of November 2018

RusGas (RGS) currency is ranked below the top 1000 list of cryptos in accordance with Coin Market Cap and it represents cryptocurrency for implementation and funding of gas researching.

RusGas (RGS) – weekly chart – Coin Market Cap

Regardless of its main objective, it seems that RGS is not doing particularly well, losing over -89% of its value in the course of only a single week.

For the purpose of comparison, Bitcoin (BTC) for instance, lost over 20% less during the course of 10 months than this coin lost in only 7 days.

When it comes to the top twenty list of trading currencies, the title of the biggest loser of the week goes to VeChain (VET) losing around -5% during the last days of October and the first days of November.

VeChain (VET) – weekly chart – Coin Market Cap


However, the most recent dip of VET is not affecting the currency in any dramatic level.

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