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TRON (TRX) vs. Ethereum (ETH) Price Prediction: Which Will Get Its Needed Bull Run?

Ever since Justin Sun declared the Independence Day for TRON network and TRX holders, TRX has seen some major improvements regarding the overall popularity and the exposure of the currency in the market.

Moreover, with the building of Project Atlas that should reward seeders for sharing content via BitTorrent, TRX is seeing some massive momentum, which consequently affected its price.

Ethereum, on the other hand, is working hard on resolving one of the major issues of the well known Dapp network – scalability problems. Since Ethereum is known as the top platform for the development of decentralized applications, the network is growing, but with the growing number of Dapps, devs, and users residing on the network, the performance of Ethereum platform is getting slower.

This case has surely affected the price of Ethereum during the last couple of months, so the currency even found its new nine-month low.

However, if it is to judge by the last quarter of 2017, this Q4 in 2018 should also allow for the improved performance in the market, which makes us wonder which one of the two, Tron or Ethereum, is more likely to acquire the needed bull run.

TRON vs. Ethereum: Which one Will Get to See Major Rises by the end of 2018?

Although TRON has surpassed Ethereum in the sense of positive news and updates during the last several months, with declaring the Independence Day for TRON and Tronics, also releasing Tron Virtual Machine and hinting the importance of Project Atlas that should also showcase BitTorrent as an integral part of TRON’s future, Ethereum is seen in a somewhat better situation than TRX on October 9th.

With the latest market dip that has not yet advanced to massive proportions, the majority of currencies is seen dropping against the fiat, as ETH is also following the trend by declining by -0.98%, while TRX is seen at a decline of nearly -3% against the dollar.

However, the situation on the weekly and monthly charts goes in favor of TRX as Ethereum has seen some devastating losses over the course of the last year, losing over -23% of its value.

Additionally, since TRX was once hosted on Ethereum platform as an ERC-20 type token, Justin Sun seems to be often stressing the fact that TRX has managed to achieve more for less time in oppose to Ethereum despite the previous support that this token received from the second largest currency in the market.

Although TRX is showing a significant growth in the market for the past two months, as Ethereum is having obvious difficulties with going above the price of 250$, it should be an adequate case to cut some loose on Ethereum’s difficult situation in the market taking its reputation in regard and including the fact that the team on the head with Vitalik Buterin is working on solid scalability issues that could save Ethereum as the top Dapp platform.

However, TRX makes a tight competition although it launched its own mainnet only recently, as the platform is also promoting Dapp development, offering the transfer of Dapps from Ethereum through Tron Virtual Machine, that way posing a threat to the supremacy of ETH and its Dapp dominance.


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