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Waltonchain (WTC) Up by Nearly 70% in a Single Week

Waltonchain is currently ranked as one of the top 50 cryptocurrencies, at the moment taking the spot of the 48th-best crypto with the market capitalization of 172.5 million dollars.

Waltonchain has shown some amazing progress in the market despite the fact that the bear trends are dominating the cryptocurrency market for more than 10 weeks now, spiking up almost on daily basis.

On August 28th WTC can be seen modestly rising by over 5% against the fiat as the market is showing signs of positive changes. What made WTC stand out among its peers in the middle of the frequent market drops is the fact that Waltonchain makes one up for one of the top trading coins during the frequent bear market trends.

Waltonchain Goes Up by 69% in the Last 7 Days

Concluded with August 27th, Waltonchain was one of the top trading coins of the week as it showed an amazing progress in the market despite the presence of frequent negative trends, at the time showing 69% of gains during the period of the last seven days.

However, around 48 hours later, the bear market returns for WTC although the majority of coins seems to be doing well, decreasing Waltonchain by -16% in total with the latest drop of around -4% on August 29th.

Still, Waltonchain is showing 43% of gains in the seven-day period concluded with August 29th, meaning that WTC is not leaving the status of one of the top gainers yet.

With the latest decrease in the market, Waltonchain can be traded at the price of around 4$, however far away from its record price of 42$ per one unit.

WTC evidently dropped since reaching its all-time high, plummeting by 90% since making it to the record value back in January. Moreover, WTC is showing signs of bullish behavior by scoring over 95% of gains in the period of the last two weeks even though the market is shaky, also concluding the seven-day period with 43% of rises against the dollar.

 Waltonchain Combining Blockchain with IoT

One of the reasons why Waltonchain is attracting new investors alongside with collecting gains across the market might be mirrored in the fact that WTC makes up for one of the blockchain projects interested in the promising technology of the Internet of Things.

The main objective of WTC is to create a business ecosystem with a strong base of IoT and blockchain technology, that way bringing Value of the Internet of Things (VIoT).

WTC uses parenting and child chains in its ecosystem, that way enabling a scalable infrastructure for commercial business purposes, while the foundation of their blockchain is implemented through RFID chips.

These unique chips are what make the Waltonchain network a fully traceable business ecosystem in the first place.

Its unique technology and business use cases is probably what is driving WTC up even though the market has been dictating bear trends for the past 10 weeks, which is why we can see Waltonchain up by 95% against the fiat in the course of 14 days even though the majority of top currencies is showing drops on weekly charts.

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