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Binance to Launch First Fiat to Crypto Trading Pairs

Cryptocurrency exchange Binance will soon launch its first fiat to cryptocurrency trading pairs. This was revealed by Binance CEO Changpeng “CZ” Zhao at the Open innovations conference 2019 in Moscow. The exchange,…

US Fed prints new dollars

The US Fed prints new dollars worth more than the Bitcoin market cap, prompting questions

The US Fed prints new dollars worth more than the entire Bitcoin market cap, prompting a Bitcoin expert to suggest that investors should buy Bitcoin.

Crypto Investor urges the FCC to Crack down on SIM Swapping

Crypto investor Michael Terpin has written an open letter to the federal communication commission (FCC) chairman Ajit Patel, requesting urgent action on SIM swapping fraud. Terpin, who has lost money due to…

zero-knowledge proof

The team behind Zcash creates an improved version of zero-knowledge proof

Zero-knowledge proofs are important for security and privacy, however, they are cumbersome. Electric Coin Company, the team behind Zcash has come up with Halo, an improved Zero-knowledge proof solution.

US Congressman: Facebook Should drop Libra and Adopt Bitcoin

Facebook’s Libra has been receiving a lot of attention since it was first revealed. It has been subject to international scrutiny, analyst scrutiny, and even US congressional scrutiny. U.S congressman Warren Davidson…

blockchain supply chain

IBM puts its Red Hat acquisition to work to strengthen its new blockchain supply chain product

IBM has recently acquired Red Hat, the technology giant. The company is using this recent acquisition to strengthen Sterling Supply Chain Suite, its new blockchain supply chain product.

Secretary Mnuchin: Libra Backers Dropped out because of Libra’s Non-compliance

Steven Mnuchin speculated on what may have caused the latest blow to Facebook Libra’s ambitions. The proposed digital currency saw more of its corporate backers withdraw support, in what is being seen…






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