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Analyst: Bitcoin’s Latest Surge could hit $6,500

According to ThinkMarkets- a Forex and derivatives broker- Chief market analyst Naeem Aslam, the price of Bitcoin could surge to $6,500 very soon after breaching a key resistance level of $5,500 this…

Disney could soon own a majority stake in crypto exchange owner NXC

Disney has reportedly been offered a controlling stake in NXC, which is the parent company of South Korean video game publisher Nexon- an entity that specializes in online gaming for both PC…

blockchain investment fund

A new blockchain investment fund enters the market, from a bank owned by Societe Generale

Investment in blockchain is poised to grow, however, it’s not yet easy for blockchain start-ups to receive investment. A new blockchain investment fund from Kleinwort Hambros, a private bank owned by Societe Generale could help.

Report: Iceland Plans to Pump the Brakes on Bitcoin Mining

The tiny European country of Iceland has been a haven for Bitcoin mining, for almost a decade now since the whole crypto craze became a thing. The tiny island nation is sadly…

Coinbase Expands its Reach to 11 New Countries

Coinbase, a leading crypto-currency exchange platform, has made the announcement that it will be expanding its crypto to crypto trading services to 11 more countries through a statement from its official blog.…

blockchain identity management

Thomson Reuters wins blockchain identity management patent

Identity management is complex and time-consuming, however, blockchain can change that. Thomson Reuters has recently won a blockchain identity management patent, which should simplify identity management.

Max Keiser: People look Stupid When they Challenge Bitcoin

The popular Keiser report which airs on is quite popular, enjoying audiences in the millions. Crypto enthusiasts will be glad to know that the mother of all crypto’s-Bitcoin- received a shout…






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