Bitcoin $13,221.07 0.41%
Ethereum $376.45 -2.65%
Litecoin $52.75 -5.01%
Stellar $0.08 -1.78%
Cardano $0.09 -7.49%
Monero $119.92 -3.51%


Cambodia launches Blockchain-based Interbanking Platform

Cambodia is the latest jurisdiction to jump into the CBDC craze after the country’s central bank launched a Blockchain-based platform for digital money transactions known as Bakong. A source from Dap News…

JP Morgan: Blockchain Close to Making Money

Blockchain technology has been much talked about since the market booms of 2017. Apart from Bitcoin’s higher highs, the technology has also been mentioned and applied in several sectors. We have seen…

India to have world’s first crypto friendly financial institution along side traditional banking

Reserve Bank of India (India’s Central Bank ) fought to their last breath against crypto firms with a blanket crypto ban till mid of this year, till Supreme Court of India overturned…

Seven Giant Japanese companies invest in Blockchain data management system

According to a report by Japanese news outlet Nikkei, seven Japanese companies are looking at investing in a new trade management data system. The platform which has been developed by NTT Data…

“Sand Dollar!” Bahamas Unveils World’s First CBDC

The central bank of Bahamas has unveiled the “Sand dollar”- a taste backed virtual currency now available nationwide.  The announcement was made on October 20 on Facebook by the project sand dollar account at…

17 Million tourists Verify Health through Blockchain as Chinese tourism bounces back

Mainland tourism in China is back thanks to Blockchain-based health records. This report is according to Blockchain consortium FISCO BCOS. Tourism has fallen flat thanks to COVID-19 globally, with great tourist destinations…

4th largest Crypto firm by market value is considering moving to London due to US regulations

Ripple is the 4th largest traded coin is working to help companies move money across the world seamlessly with clients from all over the world. The firm value is estimated to be…






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