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Coinbase Expands its Reach to 11 New Countries

Coinbase, a leading crypto-currency exchange platform, has made the announcement that it will be expanding its crypto to crypto trading services to 11 more countries through a statement from its official blog.…

blockchain identity management

Thomson Reuters wins blockchain identity management patent

Identity management is complex and time-consuming, however, blockchain can change that. Thomson Reuters has recently won a blockchain identity management patent, which should simplify identity management.

Max Keiser: People look Stupid When they Challenge Bitcoin

The popular Keiser report which airs on is quite popular, enjoying audiences in the millions. Crypto enthusiasts will be glad to know that the mother of all crypto’s-Bitcoin- received a shout…

SEC wants Funds to Remove the word ‘Blockchain’ from their ETFs

The U.S Securities and Exchange Commission is cracking down on products that could mislead investors that are eager to understand and gain exposure to Bitcoin- or its underlying technology. So serious is…

France to Encourage EU Member States to Adopt its Crypto Regulations

France is reportedly going to go on a charm offensive on other European countries in a bid to convince them to adopt crypto regulations similar to her own. French minister of the…

Young Nigeria looks to Crypto for Payments

Data from Google Trends indicates that Lagos Nigeria ranks as the top city based on the volume of online searches for Bitcoin (BTC). This statistic implies high interest in Bitcoin, though surprisingly…

Accenture blockchain patent

Accenture blockchain patent drive continues with their blockchain interoperability solution

Accenture blockchain patent drive continues as the technology major proposes to address the blockchain networks interoperability challenges






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