Bitcoin $10,485.80 1.37%
Ethereum $194.44 5.03%
Litecoin $76.52 3.46%
Stellar $0.07 3.31%
Cardano $0.05 4.45%
Monero $84.90 2.14%


Mark Yusko: Bitcoin is Schmuck Insurance

Morgan Creek capital CEO Mark Yusko referred to Bitcoin (BTC) as a “Chaos hedge, or Schmuck insurance”, in an interview with CNBC Fast Money on Aug 14. Yusko made this comments while…

A stack of Bitcoins

Tom Lee: Bitcoin is a safe haven, Potential New all-time High Soon

Tom Lee, a senior analyst at market strategy and research company Fundstrat Global Advisors, is positive that Bitcoin is a safe haven for investors looking to make safe and reliable investments. In…

Sending money through phone

New Zealand Tax department legalizes Crypto Salaries

The Inland Revenue department (IRD) of New Zealand has made it legal to receive salaries in cryptocurrency. The department which is the island country’s tax office will not only make crypto salaries…

Goldman Sachs analysis: Its a Good Time to Buy Bitcoin

If you have been shaking in your boots over the latest BTC market price pullback, there is cause for relief. This is because some Market Intel from Goldman Sachs suggests investors should…

IBM blockchain patents

A proposed privacy-focused web browser is now part of the IBM blockchain patents portfolio

Trackers, ads, cookies, etc. regularly invade users’ privacy when they browse the Internet. A proposed privacy-focused browser as part of the IBM blockchain patents portfolio could provide welcome help.

Volvo to Use Blockchain to Monitor Conflict Free Cobalt

Chinese auto maker Volvo cars, has made electric cars with cobalt mapped on a Blockchain according to a recent Reuters report. Volvo cars, which is owned and operated by the Geely Automotive…

crypto lending platform

Crypto lending platform Dharma has temporarily paused its key operations partially

Crypto lending platforms are becoming important, and quite a few have recently come up. Dharma, a crypto lending platform however has announced recently that its temporarily pausing its operations as it develops its product.






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