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Crypto Exchanges in India Face Resistance from Banks

Over the past few years and most specifically with the CONID-19 pandemic cryptocurrencies have become an increasingly popular mode of investment and trading in India, where Indian youth have become more enthusiastic…

El Salvador Makes Bitcoin Legal Tender

Despite the recent struggles that Bitcoin was facing, the cryptocurrency received a strong push by the Central American Nation, El Salvador on Wednesday as the country is going down in history as…

GameStop to Create a NFT Platform Powered by Ethereum

Video-game retailer GameStop is planning to create a NFT platform which is based on the Ethereum cryptocurrency. They publicized their plans on Wednesday (26th May) this week on their website by stating…

Blockchain Animated Comedy by Fox to sell NFTs while Sony seeking Patent for Bitcoin-led eSports Gambling

World of crypto is experiencing next level innovative initiatives at a rapid phase. With an ever expanding market most organizations which introduce these are very much optimistic about their initiatives. Two of…

Music Artists to Receive Crypto Payments from Legacy Records

Cryptocurrency industry has experienced a rapid growth with the COVID-19 pandemic as many of the products started going digital. Meanwhile, cryptocurrency was embraced by major institutions and industries as a payment mechanism…

Record breaking 11.6 million NFT sale from a DJ star

By surpassing milestones in NFTs, world-renowned musician, producer, and a blockchain influencer Justin Blau, best known as 3LAU conducted a record-breaking $11.6 Million sale of a NFT release of his three-year-old album…

SOAR.FI – The token with insane potential in the De-Fi Space

SOAR.FI aims to solve essential issues investors face when they engage with their Liquidity Pools while also building an increasingly liquid ecosystem. NovaPAD will be a framework to launch community curated projects…






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