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Alibaba blockchain

Alibaba blockchain foray into supply chain picks up pace

Supply chain management is a vast and complex industry. Manual processes and paperwork are some factors behind this complexity. This Alibaba blockchain push into supply chain is significant for the industry.

Bank of America blockchain

Bank of America blockchain patent application for “ATM as a Service”

Bank of America blockchain patent spree continues. The bank has a large number of blockchain patents, and has recently filed an application for using the technology in “ATM as a Service”.

The New York Times is set to Venture into Blockchain Publishing.

Popular publication The New york times, which happens to be the largest newspaper in the U.S by circulation, and a storied institution in American journalism, is reportedly gearing up to experiment with…

New Poll Declares XRP the Best Crypto to Buy Below $1

A Weis ratings poll just declared Ripple’s XRP, the best crypto-currency to buy below $1. Weis ratings is a private firm that offers research and review services for individual, and business uses.…

Kuwait Finance House Adopts Ripple

Ripple has done it again, this time partnering with a Kuwaiti bank in a deal that will see the use of Xcurrent by the bank. The Kuwait finance house will join Ripple…

Chinese blockchain motivates startups, hopes to attract more talented investors

A newly established blockchain complex  Hangzhou- a Chinese city notable for its enthusiasm to innovation, has staked a large sum of money to finance startups in the country. The money, which is…

Ripple Seals Deal with Blockchain Gaming Platform Forte

Ripple may have just dug itself into a Gold mine if you analyze their latest move that has seen them partner with blockchain platform Forte, while at the same time committing a…






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