Bitcoin $8,506.24 -2.31%
Ethereum $179.73 -3.29%
Litecoin $57.66 -3.45%
Stellar $0.07 -2.31%
Cardano $0.04 -0.84%
Monero $63.08 -3.72%


Tunisia to Launch its Central Bank Digital Currency based on the Blockchain

The African nation of Tunisia is set to become the first country to digitize its national currency to a Blockchain platform. The digital version of the national currency is all the handy…

Top Chinese Newspaper Features a Bitcoin Headline

Crypto twitter erupted Monday after report a crypto headline on Monday’s edition of the official state run publication of the people’s republic of china, Xinhua. The paper reportedly featured an article tilted…

blockchain supply chain

Coca Cola is now using a blockchain supply chain solution from SAP

Managing supply chain is complex, however, blockchain can help. Coca Cola is using a blockchain supply chain solution from SAP.

blockchain smart cities

China unveils its new blockchain smart cities identification system

Blockchain smart cities solutions have a high potential to improve smart cities. China has taken the plunge to launch a blockchain-powered identification system

The FED is Looking to make a Blockchain Hire

The United States Federal Reserve is hiring a manager for its retail payments section in Washington DC. This was revealed by a Nov 3 U.S Central Bank job posting on its website…

India is Looking at Blockchain Technology as the Next Step in Contemporary Warfare

India’s defense minister believes that Blockchain technology is the next step in contemporary warfare. While addressing an envoy of over eight nations on Monday November 4, in a precursor event to February…

Bahrain looking to attract Fintech Start-ups through a Fast-track Program

The Bahrain economic development board has rolled out a new program that seeks to boost investment in the country by attracting new startups. These startups include crypto businesses, which the government has…






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