Bitcoin $7,915.67 -0.45%
Ethereum $254.92 0.87%
Litecoin $90.79 -0.51%
Stellar $0.13 -1.30%
Cardano $0.08 -1.63%
Monero $88.78 -1.97%


blockchain real estate

Barclays and RBS show efficiency gain in a blockchain real estate pilot

Real estate a large market, however, real estate transactions are cumbersome, slow, and expensive. A recent blockchain real estate pilot by Barclays and RBS shows promise, though.

Survey: Americans Above age 65 are well aware of Bitcoin

A new survey by Blockchain capital shows that 11% of American adults are holding onto Bitcoin. This is indeed encouraging news since it represents a significant improvement compared to recent years. The…

micropayment blockchain

StormX wins a micropayment blockchain patent

Micropayment is a key blockchain use case, however, the scalability remains a challenge. A new StormX micropayment blockchain patent will likely help.

Intel blockchain

A new Intel blockchain patent proposes to make Bitcoin mining more efficient

Bitcoin mining is a computation-intensive operation that also incurs a high electricity cost. A new Intel blockchain patent proposes to use hardware accelerator to reduce this energy cost.

South Africans will soon be able to Buy Groceries using Crypto

Crypto adoption looks like a quite foreseeable reality in South Africa and quite soon too. This is after Pundi X labs- a global payments solution- partnered DoshEx providing banking like facilities for…

Coinbase Releases card that Seamlessly Enables Crypto to GBP Exchange

Coinbase pleasantly surprised its users by recently releasing the Coinbase card. The Coinbase card will do a good job of sealing the gaping hole that was left when Coinbase’s crypto debit card…

Nordstrom, Whole foods, and more Retailers will be accepting Bitcoin payments

The crypto community has been buzzing after the news that whole foods, Nordstrom, and more stores are set to accept Bitcoin payments. Merchants will probably still get their payments in dollars, but…






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