asset freeze
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Australian Authorities Freeze Assets Belonging to former Bit-connect Director, John Bigatton

The Australian securities and investments commission (ASIC), which is that country’s version of America’s Securities and Exchange Commission, has executed an asset freeze on Bitconnect’s John Bigatton. Bigatton who is a director and shareholder at Bitconnect has also been barred from traveling pending investigations into the Bitconnect scam. Bitconnect as a whole is under the […]

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The State of New York Announces the creation of a Crypto Taskforce

The state of New York has announced the launch of a crypto taskforce which will be tasked with educating the state on crypto-currencies and their underlying blockchain technology. According to a press release by the bill’s sponsor, Assemblyman Clyde Vanel, Governor Andrew Cuomo signed a bill in December to create the task force which will […]

crypto winter
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2018 will be Remembered for way more than Just the Crypto winter According to former Deloitte Crypto Lead, Eric Piscini

2018 saw crypto markets suffer a lot of turbulence with most investors keeping their cards close to their chests. The crypto bear market though was not the main story for 2018 and will not be for 2019 either, according to Coindesk contributor, Eric Piscini, who is the CEO of Citizens Reserve and former Blockchain lead […]

power cut
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Republic of Abkhazia Cuts Power on 15 Crypto Mining Facilities inorder to save on Electricity

Crypto mining activities hit a snag in the Republic of Abkhazia after the government decided to cut power to 15 crypto mining facilities. This action was explained in a Facebook post by state electric utility Chernomorenergo RUE, where they cited electricity concerns as the reason behind their actions. According to the post by Chernomorenergo, the […]

2019 predictions
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GEM CEO Micah Winkelspecht Predicts Return of Bitcoin Dominance in 2019

After a tumultuous 2018, Micah Winkelspecht, CEO of crypto portfolio app company, GEM, predicts the resumption of Bitcoin dominance in 2019. In a prediction piece on crypto publication, Coindesk, he stated; “I predict that this year will see a return back to first principles as we rethink many of our assumptions about how this is […]


Great Lakes Science Centre (Cleveland, OH) – Another US museum giant accepts crypto payment

Great Lakes Science Centre, a museum giant as well as academic institution in Cleveland, Ohio, is the latest amongst the seemingly growing list of museums to accept crypto as means of payment. The museum made known to the public its intensions to accept bitcoin affiliated transactions on Tuesday, November 13th, 2018 making it the third […]

bitmain miner
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is Bitmain Cashstrapped? Questions Rise after reports of Several Layoffs

Several reports indicate that popular crypto mining giant Bitmain could be cash-strapped. Co-founder of crypto-fund, Multi-coin capital, Kyle Samani appeared to indicate the same in his tweet, where he suggested that Bitmain looked set to liquidate some its crypto-assets in order to accumulate fiat funds to run its business operations. Samani also went on to […]

coingate 2019
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Coingate to make Litecoin Lightening Payments Possible in 2019

Lithuanian based crypto payments giant, Coingate will reportedly make it litecoin lightening payments possible for a 1000 merchants through its network. The Lithuanian crypto giant was the first payment processor to enable lightening Bitcoin payments in June of this year which was very well received. The Lithuanian company was founded 4 years ago and has […]