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Forth Arrest made as probe into India’s Money Trade Coin Scam, Intensifies

Indian police have reportedly arrested an associate of a group that’s accused of conducting a crypto scam involving 5 billion rupees which is equivalent to $71.6 million. This is according to an Indian English-language local publication known as the Indian Express. This is the fourth arrest made as investigations continue a year after the fact. […]

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Australian Authorities Freeze Assets Belonging to former Bit-connect Director, John Bigatton

The Australian securities and investments commission (ASIC), which is that country’s version of America’s Securities and Exchange Commission, has executed an asset freeze on Bitconnect’s John Bigatton. Bigatton who is a director and shareholder at Bitconnect has also been barred from traveling pending investigations into the Bitconnect scam. Bitconnect as a whole is under the […]

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Sim Swapping Becomes the highest Concern of Anti-cybercrime Authorities

In the fight against crypto fraud, police in the United States consider “Sim swapping” top of their list of priorities. This is according to security news publication KrebsonSecurity. Santa Barbara police sergeant and supervisor of the REACT task force, Samy Tarazi told the publication, that Sim swapping incidences have been on the up. The react […]
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The US state forfeits $700,000 worth of crypto from dark web dealer “Oxymonster”

36 Year old Gal Vallerius as known as “Oxymonster” in the dark webs has been handed a 20-year prison sentence by US District Judge Robert Scola. Gal was handed this sentence after being involved heavily in the dark web drug hub, Dream market. The French-Israeli citizen was apprehended by police last year while at the […]

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Financial Action Task Force: Global cryptocurrency regulation framework to be out by June 2019

  The global watchdog for money laundering has announced that it will start publishing its first batch of cryptocurrency regulations by June next year. The Financial Action Task Force (FATF) said there is a great need to implement worldwide jurisdictions for cryptocurrency regulation including the licensing and operation of cryptocurrency exchanges as well as the […]

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Japanese ‘expert meeting’ seeks to simplify tax payment for digital assets

Japanese Investigation Committee has commenced discussions aimed at improving the system by simplifying tax payment procedure for virtual currency holders. Reports by regional news outlet Sankei indicated that the committee, which also serves as the main advisory body for the prime minister commenced discussions on improving the policy on taxation on a general assembly meeting […]

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“Crypto Nomad” Colin Powell Detained over the Bitconnect Scam

After the story of the defunct Bitconnect went public, the authorities have appeared to be following anyone associated with what was a popular crypto platform, Bitconnect. One of the people connected to Bitconnect who was also the entities promoter, Calen Powell, revealed through a YouTube video that officers from the FBI had restrained, questioned and […]

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20 Year Old Charged with Stealing $5 Million worth of Crypto

California authorities have reportedly arrested a student who is suspected of stealing 5 million dollars’ worth of Bitcoin and also a few Altcoins through a scam technique known as “Sim jacking”. Tech news site Motherboard which reported the incident also claims to have obtained that 20-year-old university student, Joel Ortiz, had been accused of jacking […]

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Operation CryptoSweep: Canada, U.S initiates a major crackdown on crypto scams

An event hosted on Monday by the North America Security Administrators Association (NASAA) saw the much-anticipated crackdown on cryptocurrency scams put into effect. Dubbed “operation cryptosweep”, the operation is aimed at conducting a thorough scrutiny on dozens of potentially malicious cryptocurrency schemes which have been on the spot for collecting thousands of dollars from unsuspecting […]