Cardano Founder Charles Hoskinson Believes XRP is a Security

With XRP dealing with the SEC’s onslaught after charges were served on the Ripple Labs and two of its top executives, Cardano founder Charles Hoskinson is now weighing in. According to the Cardano founder, XRP is a security. The Cardano…

Coca Cola is now using a blockchain supply chain solution from SAP

Managing supply chain is complex, however, blockchain can help. Coca Cola is using a blockchain supply chain solution from SAP.

Walmart will use a blockchain food supply chain solution for shrimp farming in India

The food supply chain operations are complex, however, blockchain can help. Walmart plans to use a blockchain food supply solution for shrimp farming in India.

Mastercard and R3 have partnered to develop a blockchain cross border payments solution

Cross border payments have a large market, however, the industry faces multiple challenges. Mastercard and R3 have now partnered to develop a blockchain cross border payments solution, which should help the industry.

Crypto Remuneration is Gaining Popularity Across Crypto Friendly Nations

Crypto remuneration is gathering steam around the world. At the moment, paying wages in decentralized digital coins is normal within the crypto industry. There is however no reason why this can’t be the case in other industries as well. A…

Arizona accepts Blockchain-based Cannabis Industry Oriented Pay Solution

The state of Arizona has accepted a Blockchain based cannabis industry-oriented payments solution into its fintech sandbox. A recent press release from the attorney general’s office indicated that the company involved called Alta, is a cash management solution for licensed…

Barclays and RBS show efficiency gain in a blockchain real estate pilot

Real estate a large market, however, real estate transactions are cumbersome, slow, and expensive. A recent blockchain real estate pilot by Barclays and RBS shows promise, though.

Facebook could Double or Triple Crypto Users – Bloomberg

In an interview with popular financial and crypto publication Bloomberg, Blockchain capital partner Spencer Bogart claimed that the crypto endeavors of social media giant Facebook could lead to the doubling or even tripling of crypto users. Bogart expressed his opinion…

Samsung makes $2.9 Million Dollar Investment in Crypto Hardware Wallet Ledger

The largest conglomerate out of South Korea and one of the world’s biggest brands Samsung, has invested $2.9 million in crypto hardware wallet manufacturer and custodial service provider ledger in a high profile deal. The deal will see millions pumped…

You will soon be able to buy Starbucks coffee with Bitcoin

Reports indicate that coffee giant Starbucks now holds significant equity in the upcoming crypto platform Bakkt. Starbucks which is known for its great coffee and homely environment, earned its Bakkt shares as part of a mutually beneficial agreement that will…