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Crypto Cutie!!! Adult Film star, Brenna Sparks is on a Mission to Aid Crypto Adoption

Adult film star Brenna Sparks is now doubling as a crypto promoter as well as getting involved in various interviews and stunts that talk up cryptos. In an email that followed up a meeting with coindesk, she addressed the sideways crypto market at the moment by stating that “Traveling upwards doesn’t require the path to […]

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Kim Kardashian Gets 1BTC Added to Her Asset Portfolio

The inaugural annual “if only”, Texas hold’em charity poker tournament was hosted by the City of Hope this past Sunday, June 29th, 2018. The city of hope is a cancer and diabetes research and treatment center that takes care of persons afflicted with both cancer and diabetes. To raise much-needed awareness, the tournament was graced […]

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3 Reasons Why Amazon Could Adopt Ripple and Why Amazon Should

Rumors about Amazon getting into the blockchain technology and utilizing cryptocurrencies have long been floating in the air. While there are not yet any official announcements by Amazon, here are three reasons why Ripple is a great candidate for Amazon’s digital currency needs. Swift, cheap transactions Instability in cryptocurrencies has built fortunes for some investors, […]