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The hard fork: Why Bitcoin SV never stood a chance against Bitcoin Cash

The crypto community was set for a clash of titans prior to the hard fork which was scheduled for the 15th of November 2018, with the two subchains of Bitcoin Cash, Bitcoin Cash ABC  and Bitcoin Cash SV taking the hash power battle to a whole new level. The Craig effect It was initially reported […]

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Bitcoin, Ethereum and bitcoin cash soar as the crypto market recovers

The crypto market seems to be recovering from a turbulent season as major coins soar in price. The valuation of the crypto market over the past 24 hours has been estimated at $127 billion up from $115 billion with most cryptocurrencies gaining by approximately 9%. Bitcoin price soared by 6% after a definitive dip that […]

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Opinion court: Does price crash mean end of cryptocurrencies?

In the recent past, the crypto market has experienced tremendous setbacks with some cryptocurrencies being wiped from the market while others plunging down by up to 80 percent of their initial prices. The crypto market turbulence took effect from the last quarter of 2017 and has soldiered through to 2018 with the storm not showing […]

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‘Bulletproofs’ effect: Monero transaction charges drop to near zero in a single week

Monero, the 10th biggest cryptocurrency network has witnessed a steep drop in its transaction charges thanks to a successful system upgrade that took effect last Thursday. Reports from CoinMetrics show that the execution of the network’s hard fork scheduled for October 18th saw the transaction charges of the XMR fall by an estimated 95% from […]

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Financial Action Task Force: Global cryptocurrency regulation framework to be out by June 2019

  The global watchdog for money laundering has announced that it will start publishing its first batch of cryptocurrency regulations by June next year. The Financial Action Task Force (FATF) said there is a great need to implement worldwide jurisdictions for cryptocurrency regulation including the licensing and operation of cryptocurrency exchanges as well as the […]

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Celebrated boxing Legend Pacquiao takes the crypto world by storm, preparations to launch his own cryptocurrency on course

It’s all systems go as the much-awaited launch for Manny Pacquiao’s cryptocurrency finally nears. Reports from The Strait Times, a Singapore-based daily broadcast, indicated that the Global Crypto Offering Exchange (GCOX), a Singapore-based start-up will be in charge of the crypto which is referred to as the Pac Tokens. The Pac Tokens will heavily rely […]

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A UK Security service giant adopts crypto custody services to secure “investors’ digital assets”

G4S, a giant security firm based in the UK has for the first time adopted crypto custody services in an effort to secure investors’ digital assets. While broadcasting the move through a press release dated October 16th, the firm indicated it had developed “an innovative new service offering high –security offline storage that helps to […]
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8 countries actively looking to crypto in search of financial freedom

Cryptocurrency has been famed for its decentralized nature, earning it admirers and detractors alike. A lot of banking institutions have been quite hostile towards it except for a few who have recently begun to warm up to the blockchain. Crypto enthusiasts, on the other hand, have reveled on the decentralized nature of crypto. A few […]

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Bitcoin Extends Rally amid News of Black-rock’s Decision to Explore Crypto-currencies

Bitcoin continued to inch higher on Tuesday marking an improvement from the close of the previous day. This was propelled by news that giant asset management firm Black-rock, had decided to put in place a working group to explore crypto-currencies and the underpinning block-chain technology. This news led to a 5 % rise in Bitcoin […]