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The world of innovation is trying to work little different than how we are used for money transactions with the help of blockchain technology. A decentralized world of trust and transaction is helping to create a  universal currency which is still in its dormancy stages.

We are trying to capture this transition and provide the best possible information to our readers without any biased content. We are constantly learning and trying to educate the masses in the exciting world of blockchain and cryptocurrency space.

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Our audience is anyone, anywhere in the world, who has access to internet and believes that blockchain technology can solve complex problems, help people, and expand human possibilities.

We have reached over 1.3million web requests lately and growing.

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We believe in having a global team and we are fortunate to have crypto and blockchain experts from Singapore, United States, Vietnam, Philippines, London, India, Africa and Canada. We do have guest authors from various parts of the globe and the content are reviewed and curated by our editorial team to adhere to CryptoNewsBytes policy.

Authors/ Contributors:

CRYPTONEWSBYTES.COM Kev About  Kelvin – Kelvin is a crypto enthusiast who loves investing, research, writing, reading, fitness, African food and soccer.

CRYPTONEWSBYTES.COM Screen-Shot-2023-01-24-at-4.32.41-PM About  Elmo – Full-time family guy, part-time crypto writer, researcher, and trader. Spartan racer on rest days.

Okoh – Okoh has been an enthusiastic Crypto journalist and researcher since 2021 at CNB. A go-getter, he consistently generates great ideas for the team. Currently, he is pursuing an advanced degree in Computer Science from a prestigious university with a focus on computing.

CRYPTONEWSBYTES.COM maj About  Maja Rojic – Maja has been working as a cryptocurrency analyst/journalist since 2014. She provides market insights into the crypto space and has been contributing to cryptonewsbytes since 2018.

John – He enjoys content writing and aspires to be the best in this space. Currently pursuing a degree in Mass Communications, he possesses extensive experience in social media platforms.

Ibrahim – As a master in crypto content writing and image creation, Ibrahim has a deep passion for writing and aims to build a long-term content writing business. Currently, he enjoys his time at college and works part-time at CryptoNewsBytes.

CRYPTONEWSBYTES.COM Screen-Shot-2023-01-24-at-4.25.46-PM About  Anujith – Anujit has over two decades of IT industry experience, spanning software development, project management and consulting areas, and has added significant value to the businesses of clients he has supported. Outside of working hours, Anujit is passionate about history and sports.

Rachael – Part time crypto writer and a full time student at Stevens Institute of Technology, NJ

CRYPTONEWSBYTES.COM Sam About  Sam – Sam, has been contributing to cryptonewsbytes team since 2017. He is also a crypto-enthusiast and talented market analyst. In his free time, you will find him traveling and exploring new places. He currently resides in Canada and assists with Aaron on editorial as well.

Aaron (aka – cryptoguy) – Aaron is responsible for maintaining editorial content in compliance with Cryptonewsbytes’ policies. Hailing from New York, he is a blockchain researcher and a self-proclaimed food enthusiast.