The SEC Settles Registration Charges with two Crypto Startups

The United States Securities and Exchange Commission has continued its in-depth assessment of Initial coin offerings (ICOs) with the body reaching a settlement on two crypto startups. Initial coin offerings (ICOs), may be important platforms for crypto projects to raise funds, but these platforms must also operate in accordance with the regulatory requirements spelled out […]

Blockchain Technology

Technology Giants Bosch and IOTA Partner to Launch New Device for IoT Data Collection

Bosch, an electronic manufacturing giant has partnered with IOTA in a bid to integrate its new data collection internet of things (IoT) device with the decentralized IOTA Data Marketplace. This is according to a tweet made by a Bosch representative on November the 12th. The IOTA marketplace is a data marketplace where various interested parties […]
Cryptocurrency Regulations

The State of Michigan Formally Bars the Use of Crypto for Political Contributions

A formal letter sent by the Michigan Secretary of State sees the use of crypto-currencies for political donations formally barred. The letter which was published on 8th November was in response to state legislature candidate William Baker, who had asked how crypto-currency value was supposed to be recorded for political donations. Baker had also sought […]
Blockchain crypto adoption Regulations

The US-Midterms sees a Number of Pro-crypto politicians scoop Top Seats

The much-anticipated midterm elections in the United States came and concluded last week with some interesting fresh faces coming to the fore. The mid-terms saw some interesting and progressive wins for minority women with Alexandra Ocasio Cortez becoming the youngest congresswoman at 29, 36-year-old Ilhan Omar becoming the first Somali-American congresswoman, and Sharice Davids becoming […]
Blockchain Innovation

CarVertical launches CarVertical.CITY, an automatic parking app that will use IOTA

CarVertical is a young Lithuanian startup that is establishing itself as a serious player in the world of connected vehicles. The startup is already beginning to show its scalability properties by building a proper car registry that enables car owners, and buyers to have authentic information about a vehicle. The latest product put out by […]