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The US State of Wyoming may soon Pass Legislation Allowing the Issuance of Tokenized Stock Certificates

Legislators from the US state of Wyoming have tabled legislation that would allow the issuance of tokenized stock certificates using blockchain technology. This piece of legislation was tabled on Wednesday by several lawmakers’ chief among them being republican lawmaker Jared Olsen, and Democratic Party lawmaker, Chris Roth-fuss. The two enjoyed the backing of 6 other […]

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Spanish Energy Giant Repsol looks to Blockchain to help Improve Quality of Safety Certification

Spanish energy giant, Repsol, has reported a successful test of a blockchain pilot, inorder to improve the quality of safety certification of its products. The Madrid based energy company established in 1987, is a leading energy outfit operating in the oil and gas industry as well as participating in exploration, development and production of crude […]

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Belarus Launches Blockchain Based Platform that will allow Customers to Buy Tokenized Securities

A January 15 Reuters report indicates that Belarus has launched a trading platform enabling customers to purchase tokenized versions of shares, Gold and other traditional assets. This Belarusian project is reportedly backed by two companies, Larnbel ventures, and VP capital. Reuter’s reports that the Belarusian government is yet to comment on the platform launch officially. […]


Blockchain-powered music streaming service Choon launches Beta version of platform

Choon, the music streaming service and digital payments ecosystem, has launched the beta version of their platform. They provide a platform to independent artists, who will get paid with their NOTES cryptocurrency. Current state of music streaming industry (Source of diagram: Interview with Choon co-founder Bjorn Niclas) The music industry is dominated by intermediaries. The […]

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The State of New York Announces the creation of a Crypto Taskforce

The state of New York has announced the launch of a crypto taskforce which will be tasked with educating the state on crypto-currencies and their underlying blockchain technology. According to a press release by the bill’s sponsor, Assemblyman Clyde Vanel, Governor Andrew Cuomo signed a bill in December to create the task force which will […]

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2018 will be Remembered for way more than Just the Crypto winter According to former Deloitte Crypto Lead, Eric Piscini

2018 saw crypto markets suffer a lot of turbulence with most investors keeping their cards close to their chests. The crypto bear market though was not the main story for 2018 and will not be for 2019 either, according to Coindesk contributor, Eric Piscini, who is the CEO of Citizens Reserve and former Blockchain lead […]


Blockchain data storage using LoRaWAN and Tangle (Proof of Concept)

Harm van den Brink, who is an expert on the blockchain technology, cybersecurity, Internet of Things (IoT), and electric vehicles, has come up with a promising proof of concept (PoC). This involves LoRaWAN and Tangle, i.e., the technology underpinning the IOTA cryptocurrency. With his PoC, Brink has added one more dimension to the already happening […]

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Thailand carries out tests on a Block-chain Based E-voting system

Some interesting news coming out of Thailand is that The National Electronics and computer technology center (NECTEC) of Thailand have developed a blockchain technology to aid in E-voting. NECTEC is a statutory government organization that operates under the jurisdiction of the National Science and Technology Development Agency as well as the Ministry of Science and […]

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Crypto Cutie!!! Adult Film star, Brenna Sparks is on a Mission to Aid Crypto Adoption

Adult film star Brenna Sparks is now doubling as a crypto promoter as well as getting involved in various interviews and stunts that talk up cryptos. In an email that followed up a meeting with coindesk, she addressed the sideways crypto market at the moment by stating that “Traveling upwards doesn’t require the path to […]

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Republic of Abkhazia Cuts Power on 15 Crypto Mining Facilities inorder to save on Electricity

Crypto mining activities hit a snag in the Republic of Abkhazia after the government decided to cut power to 15 crypto mining facilities. This action was explained in a Facebook post by state electric utility Chernomorenergo RUE, where they cited electricity concerns as the reason behind their actions. According to the post by Chernomorenergo, the […]