Proposed legislation to enforce India crypto ban has provisions for penalties and imprisonment

Lawmakers in the Indian parliament are mulling a stringent legislation for enforcing the India crypto ban. The proposed legislation includes steep penalties and 10-years imprisonment.

Ripple to buy $50 Million Stake in Money Gram

Blockchain payments startup Ripple has reportedly arrived at a deal to buy a stake in money transfer giant Money gram. The deal which was struck on Monday will see Ripple spend $30 million to stock up on MoneyGram shares that…

Circle CEO: Bitcoin price will Go Past $10,000 by June 21st

Circle CEO Jeremy Allaire believes that the price of Bitcoin will go north of $10,000 by June 21, which will mark the dawn of what he calls the “Crypto summer”. He points to Facebook’s Libra launch as the catalyst that…

A new blockchain cross border payments solution from Visa to transform corporate cross-border payments

Cross-border payments is a large and growing sector, however, it’s slow, costly, and opaque. A new blockchain cross border payments solution from Visa, targeting corporate cross-border payments will help.

Charlie Lee joins Justin Sun- Warren Buffet Lunch Date

Tron CEO Justin Sun will link up with Litecoin creator Charlie Lee on the high-power $4.6 million lunch with Billionaire Bitcoin skeptic Warren Buffet slated for July 25. Sun revealed on Twitter that he was delighted to have Lee join…

Visa, Paypal, and Mastercard back Facebook’s Incoming Stablecoin

Social media giant Facebook’s stablecoin which has not even been officially launched yet, is attracting not only a lot of buzz in the crypto community, but also interest from commercial partners in the form of three major companies PayPal, MasterCard,…

Amazon’s new blockchain proof of work patent could bring in key improvements in the consensus algorithm

Proof Work algorithm, used in famous cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin and Ethereum could be made more efficient, as the high energy consumption shows. A new Amazon blockchain proof of work patent could change that.

Wall Street Skeptic: Bitcoin a Good Bet if Trade Tensions Continue

Mr Peter Bookvar of Bleakley advisory group views Bitcoin as a great bet to bank on in the face of the China-US trade wars. The chief investment officer is more a fan of Gold as a store of value, but…

The Azure Blockchain Platform has adopted VeriSol, a smart contract verification solution from Microsoft Research

Smart contract bugs are increasingly attracting attention, however, smart contract verification is challenging. The Azure Blockchain Platform has now adopted VeriSol, a smart contract verification tool from Microsoft Research, which should help.

Walmart joins MediLedger, a blockchain pharma supply chain project to combat counterfeit drugs

The problem of counterfeit drugs is a global one, exposing patients to severe risks. Blockchain can help in combating this, and the recent move by the retail giant Walmart to join the blockchain pharma supply chain project MediLedger is a welcome move