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Diamond industry majors with work with blockchain start-up to tokenize diamonds

Global diamond majors KGK Diamonds and Alrosa have joined D1 Mint, a blockchain start-up, in a partnership. The partnership is about tokenizing diamonds and was announced recently. Diamonds industry has stagnated for quite some time now, for the following reasons:…

IBM private blockchain patent seeks to protect enterprise blockchains from “Replay attacks”

Enterprise blockchains need protection from replay attacks. A new IBM private blockchain patent proposes a solution in this regard.

IBM blockchain patents targeting network security and database management published

Network security and database management are two areas where blockchain can help. New IBM blockchain patents in these areas have significant potential.

Alibaba blockchain foray into supply chain picks up pace

Supply chain management is a vast and complex industry. Manual processes and paperwork are some factors behind this complexity. This Alibaba blockchain push into supply chain is significant for the industry.

Bank of America blockchain patent application for “ATM as a Service”

Bank of America blockchain patent spree continues. The bank has a large number of blockchain patents, and has recently filed an application for using the technology in “ATM as a Service”.

Bithumb pushes cryptocurrency adoption in Korea

Bithumb, the largest crypto exchange in Korea is pushing cryptocurrency adoption in Korea. Over 6,000 stores in the country will soon accept cryptocurrency as a mode of payment, thanks to Bithumb.

SWIFT and MonetaGO partnership for blockchain in India

SWIFT, the global provider of secure financial messaging service has partnered with MonetaGO, which provides private blockchain solutions for the financial services industry. Together, they will push blockchain in India by increasing its’ adoption in the Indian banking sector. They…

VaultTel launches mobile crypto wallet that fits in the SIM tray of smartphones

VaultTel, an American start-up has launched a mobile crypto wallet. It’s a hardware wallet that fits in the SIM tray of a smartphone. The company has launched it in the US, while the European launch is expected soon. The launch…

Northern Trust patents blockchain-powered solution to manage meetings

American financial services company and one of the largest and oldest banks in the country, Northern Trust, has won a patent for a blockchain-based technology solution to manage their corporate meetings better. The patent was awarded recently by the US…

IBM patents solution to audit blockchains

Technology giant IBM has patented two solutions to audit blockchain networks, which should help organizations to certify the data integrity in their blockchain-based systems. Both patents were recently approved by the US Patent and Trademark Office (USPTO). The world of…