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Blockchain in central banks? Banque de France is open to it!

Blockchain in central banks seems to be an idea whose time has come, and Banque de France senior officials endorse it.

Power Ledger joins a key blockchain P2P energy trading pilot project in India

Blockchain P2P energy trading is becoming important. Power Ledger has joined a pilot project for this with the distribution utility in New Delhi, India

Blockchain and 3-D printing expedites aircraft parts manufacturing and distribution

Aircraft parts manufacturing is a large industry with slow processes due to stringent regulations. Blockchain and 3-D printing are changing that.

Cryptocurrency hackers attacked the website of Monero and delivered currency-stealing malware

In a recent incident, cryptocurrency hackers attacked the Monero website and delivered currency-stealing malware to uses that downloaded a wallet for Monero

Walmart Canada launches its blockchain freight tracking and payment system

Blockchain can improve freight management, therefore, the recent launch of a blockchain freight tracking system by Walmart Canada is good news.

Coca Cola is now using a blockchain supply chain solution from SAP

Managing supply chain is complex, however, blockchain can help. Coca Cola is using a blockchain supply chain solution from SAP.

China unveils its new blockchain smart cities identification system

Blockchain smart cities solutions have a high potential to improve smart cities. China has taken the plunge to launch a blockchain-powered identification system

Decentralized Finance has drastically reduced the risks of a future Ethereum fork

Ethereum is a very popular platform for creating decentralized apps (DApps), however, an Ethereum fork can disrupt much of the DApp ecosystem. Decentralized finance has now drastically reduced the chances of such a fork.

Layer1, an American start-up raises $50 million from billionaire Peter Thiel for Bitcoin mining in Texas

Layer1, an American start-up plans to build a giant hub for Bitcoin mining in Texas. The company has raised $50 million from billionaire Peter Thiel.

The US Fed prints new dollars worth more than the Bitcoin market cap, prompting questions

The US Fed prints new dollars worth more than the entire Bitcoin market cap, prompting a Bitcoin expert to suggest that investors should buy Bitcoin.