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Amaten, the Japanese gift card exchange platform is adopting a gift card blockchain solution

Amaten, the largest gift card exchange platform in Japan is adopting a gift card blockchain solution. Amaten is working with aelf, a blockchain technology solution provider, and the partnership could transform the gift card industry in Japan. This development is…

A blockchain patent application from Alibaba to help to manage blockchain domain names

Alibaba, the giant Chinese conglomerate has filed a blockchain patent application with the USPTO. Its proposed solution could help in managing blockchain domain names, which will help with blockchain adoption.

tZERO wins a blockchain patent for a solution that could significantly ease the trade audit process

Trade audits are important, however, the process to conduct them is complex. tZERO, a blockchain start-up has won a blockchain patent that could ease the trade audit process significantly, thanks to the transparency and immutability offered by blockchain.

A proposed privacy-focused web browser is now part of the IBM blockchain patents portfolio

Trackers, ads, cookies, etc. regularly invade users’ privacy when they browse the Internet. A proposed privacy-focused browser as part of the IBM blockchain patents portfolio could provide welcome help.

Crypto lending platform Dharma has temporarily paused its key operations partially

Crypto lending platforms are becoming important, and quite a few have recently come up. Dharma, a crypto lending platform however has announced recently that its temporarily pausing its operations as it develops its product.

A new IBM blockchain supply chain platform will make supplier management easier

A new IBM blockchain supply chain platform, created in collaboration with Chainyard, and governed by several businesses together, will add value to supplier management with the power of blockchain.

A new Walmart cryptocurrency patent could give an edge to the retail giant

A new Walmart cryptocurrency patent application could give a significant edge to the American multinational retail giant in a competitive landscape.

Experts foresee high-value blockchain construction industry use cases

Experts see a high value in blockchain construction use cases and foresee that the promising technology will make the industry more efficient.

Liquefy, a Hong Kong-based Security Token Offering platform has received $2.6 million in funding

Liquefy, a Security Token Offering platform based in Hong Kong has received $2.6 million in funding, which will enable it to expand its operations.

Indian cryptocurrency entrepreneur criticizes the India crypto ban

India has clamped down hard on cryptocurrencies while encouraging blockchain. A complete ban could be in the pipeline and an entrepreneur has recently criticized the India crypto ban.