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The hard fork: Why Bitcoin SV never stood a chance against Bitcoin Cash

The crypto community was set for a clash of titans prior to the hard fork which was scheduled for the 15th of November 2018, with the two subchains of Bitcoin Cash, Bitcoin Cash ABC  and Bitcoin Cash SV taking the hash power battle to a whole new level. The Craig effect It was initially reported […]

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Baseless propaganda! Goldman Sachs Refutes Claims It’s Shying Away From the Bitcoin Trading Desk Project

Much of the speculation and propaganda has spread on Sachs Goldman’ stance on much-hyped plans to launch a Bitcoin Trading Desk. These speculations came to light, especially after a report by Business Insider announced that Goldman Sachs was deprioritizing its near-term plans to launch a Bitcoin Trading Desk to allow it to fully focus on […]

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Singapore Central Bank Chairman Livid Over Fake Crypto News

The central bank of Singapore has issued warnings over what it terms as “fabricated comments” on crypto by two websites about their chairman who also happens t be deputy prime minister Tharman Shanmugaratnam. The two websites posted this fabricated news yesterday which has caused an uproar within the institution. These two websites identified as “Gulfweed […]

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India’s Top Bank Discreetly Forms a Unit to Look into Crypto

A new internal unit has been established by the reserve bank of India according to reports. This unit will be tasked with conducting research and regulating emergent technologies. The unit will specifically focus on cryptocurrencies, artificial intelligence (AI) and blockchain technology. The Reserve bank of India (RBI) is yet to issue a formal announcement on […]

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Bitcoin ETF: What is It and How Does it Work?

The Bitcoin ETF (Exchange-Traded Funds) applications, rejections, and rumors of possible approval have been affecting price action in the past few weeks. While the SEC is yet to approve a Bitcoin ETF that follows its requirements and addresses crucial security issues, some people are still confused regarding the technicalities and definition of what a Bitcoin […]

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3.5 Million Active Traders in Japan Adopt Cryptocurrency, Future of Global Cryptomarket Looks Bright

Positive news of more cryptocurrency adoption and trading are now coming from Japan. It has been recorded that 3.5 Million crypto traders are becoming more active in Japan according to recent data from Japan’s Financial Services Authority. In a survey conducted among 17 Japanese cryptocurrency exchanges, it has been identified that the most traded cryptocurrencies […]

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3 Reasons Why Bitcoin Crash is a Good Thing

If you are a Bitcoin investor and a believer in the technology, you will most likely agree that the massive drop in Bitcoin prices is necessary for its long term potential and higher recovery. After experiencing that 70% drop from December prices, and crawling through almost 4 months of bearish cryptomarket, here are 3 reasons […]

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Goldman Sachs Lists Cryptocurrencies as a Business Risk

America’s financial services Goldman Sachs admitted that cryptocurrencies and the blockchain pose a significant business risk to the overall business strategy. This follows the last week’s declaration by Bank of America, which stated that cryptocurrencies are a threat to its business model and faces a competition, compliance and technology adoption as a result of a […]

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JPMorgan Chase, US largest Bank Admits cryptocurrencies could disrupt the Banking Industry

The largest bank in the US has admitted cryptocurrencies and the blockchain technology could disrupt both the traditional markets. The Bank recently banned credit card-crypto transactions, citing Compliance with Anti-money laundering laws, Consumer protection and tackling crypto related credit card frauds. The ban only affected credit card holders, as it wasn’t applicable to debit cardholders. […]