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Ripple Unveils “Xpring” in a Bid to Boost XRP Adoption

Author :Kelvin The Ripple Company, the creators of the XRP crypto-currency which happens to be the third largest crypto-currency behind only pace setters Bit-coin and Ethereum, has announced a new initiative dubbed “Xpring” pronounced as “Spring” that will provide financial support to entrepreneurs who develop products and services for XRP. This new undertaking will entail […]


KIK Forks for Own Fee-free BlockChain

The Kin foundation, the organization managing the development of Kin is on the move again! Announcing that they will be forking stellar, to create their own block-chain. Just in case I lost you, Kin is an ethereum based coin that was adopted by the popular messaging app, Kik, as their primary currency for transactions. These […]

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Business in Taiwan take new course as banks launch blockchain payment systems

Author : Sam On Sunday, Taipei Fubon Commercial Bank declared that it had introduced a blockchain based payment system for retail purposes. The launch of this Ethereum- based Blockchain system of payment comes barely a year since the development of the platform was initiated in March 2017. The payment system, which is the first one […]

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Ontology Shocks the Market: Speed Bumps, Potentials, and Caution

Guest Author – Mil Despite the recent multiple market corrections, Ontology seems to defy the downward market trend reaching the $1 billion market capitalization last April 10, 2018. This week, Ontology hit the market and has turned into one of the highly powerful assets, due to its newness and uniqueness. Mainly using the NEO blockchain, […]

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Why the Crypto Bear Market Could Be Over Soon

Guest Author – Mil Since the start of 2018, Bitcoin and the entire cryptomarket have been on a depressing bear market slump. For traders and investors who just recently discovered cryptocurrencies this year, the overall bearish sentiment of the market is just overwhelming. However, like the usual financial assets, Bitcoin and the cryptomarket operate in […]


Harshgraph – The Future Of Distributed Ledger Technology

Guest Author – Samson Most ledger transaction operate on blockchain which experience limitations. It’s difficult to get rid of the nodes that disagree with blockchain same as the consensus mechanism with the proof of work being slow. Harshgraph has the promise to revamp the inefficiency with the use of blockchain. Created by Leemon Baird harshgraph […]