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Forth Arrest made as probe into India’s Money Trade Coin Scam, Intensifies

Indian police have reportedly arrested an associate of a group that’s accused of conducting a crypto scam involving 5 billion rupees which is equivalent to $71.6 million. This is according to an Indian English-language local publication known as the Indian Express. This is the fourth arrest made as investigations continue a year after the fact. […]

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Indian Investors Warned off Crypto by Local Authorities

Even as crypto enthusiasts look forward to a possibly sunnier 2019 when it comes to the crypto markets, some jurisdictions are casting heavy clouds on that possibility. The police in the Indian state of Jahmu and Kashmir have issued a public statement which effectively warns the public against investing in crypto-currencies. This is according to […]

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Indian Exchange Halts Fiat Deposits and Withdrawals Following a Central Bank Ban

Popular Indian exchange and crypto wallet provider Unocoin, has made a decision to suspend Rupee (INR) deposits and withdrawals. This decision was made in compliance with directives issued by India’s central bank. The exchange and crypto wallet provider immediately notified its customers that Rupee deposits and withdrawals had been temporarily halted until another way of […]

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US National Security Agency can identify Bitcoin users

The United States of America (USA)’s National Security Agency (NSA) can identify Bitcoin users, and they have the capability since several years, as indicated by a report. The report was based on the classified documents that the whistle-blower Edward Snowden had provided. The NSA has a system to harvest, analyze, and process raw internet traffic […]

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Government of India (GoI) discourages cryptocurrencies but welcomes blockchain

Author – Anujit, India On February 1st 2018, the Government of India (GoI), as part of its annual budget exercise, formally discouraged use of cryptocurrencies. However, GoI has also welcomed the blockchain technology, and vowed to explore it further. Reserve Bank of India (RBI), i.e. India’s central bank, had earlier issues 3 warnings to the […]