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Standard chartered bank partners with Siemens on a blockchain based pilot test seeking to completely digitize bank guarantees

International banking giant Standard Chartered is reportedly partnering with the financial arm of tech manufacturing giant Siemens I a pilot project geared towards putting bank guarantees for trade finance on a blockchain. A report from IBS intelligence revealed that the project will also be assisted by digital ledger firm Tradeix. The project main goal is […]
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The Eu to Discuss Further Crypto Regulation but This Could Be a Good Thing

Finance ministers from 28 member countries in Europe will discuss putting in place further regulation on cryptocurrencies due to concerns surrounding illicit activities and a general lack of transparency. According to Bloomberg, the EU finance ministers will convene at a Vienna meeting on September the 7th in order to deliberate on whether or not to […]
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Bittrex Teams up with Rialto Trading to Launch Digital Securities Trading Platform

A next-generation alternative trading system (ATS), announced that it has teamed up with Bittrex. Bittrex is a US-based digital asset trading platform, to offer a new innovative digital securities trading platform. At the moment Rialto operates a regulated ATS for trading fixed income products and if regulators give the green light, Rialto will expand its […]
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Coinbase Reveals Findings after Analyzing Crypto’s Rise in Higher Education

San Francisco based crypto exchange Coinbase sets up interactive sessions with students on a regular basis. This involves engaging students in various campuses as part of their recruitment process. Coinbase recently partnered with Qriously to get student views on crypto and the blockchain. After extensive student engagements, here are the findings that were gathered. 42 […]

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India’s Top Bank Discreetly Forms a Unit to Look into Crypto

A new internal unit has been established by the reserve bank of India according to reports. This unit will be tasked with conducting research and regulating emergent technologies. The unit will specifically focus on cryptocurrencies, artificial intelligence (AI) and blockchain technology. The Reserve bank of India (RBI) is yet to issue a formal announcement on […]

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Graphics Card Makers Note Considerable Revenue Slump in Crypto Specific Products

Graphics card sales have been through the roof ever since the advent of the blockchain and crypto. Crypto miners have flooded graphics card sale joints, stacking up on various types of graphics cards. Crypto miners shop for only graphics cards that satisfy their immediate need. Yesteryear, graphics cards were most popular when it came to […]
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Shooter Jennings Talks up Ethereum Based, Peepeth, on the JRE Podcast

The Joe Rogan podcast otherwise known as the JRE podcast has been known to feature a lot of interesting personalities. Recently the podcast featured American singer and songwriter, Shooter Jennings, who indulged Joe Rogan in a conversion about ethereum-based Twitter alternative, Peepeth. Peepeth allows for the deletion of permanent tweets embedded on the blockchain without […]