Technology businesses lobby with Indian central bank to relax the India crypto ban

Reserve Bank of India, i.e., the central bank in India has consistently opposed cryptocurrencies. A lobbying effort on part of technology businesses in India is underway to relax the India crypto ban.

Bitcoin Mining Grandmother locked up in China

A 61 year old Chinese grandmother will go behind bars for 4 months for stealing electricity while mining Bitcoin. On top of the sentence, the elderly Bitcoin enthusiast Qiuping Tang will also pay a fine of 10,000 Yuan ($1,500) for…

Ethereum Price Prediction: ETH Will Soon Hit $300

Cryptocurrency community are encouraged by the strings of recent positive headlines showing a great interest in the crypto space from mainstream firms such as Fidelity Investments, E*Trade Financial Corp, AT&T, Samsung and BitPay. Institutional customers will be able to buy…

Microsoft enters the promising blockchain identity solutions space

Identity management has a large market, however, it’s plagued with challenges. Blockchain can help here, and the recent move by Microsoft into the blockchain identity solutions space is a good news.

E-trade set to Launch Bitcoin and Ethereum Trading

E-trade may begin offering Bitcoin (BTC), and Ethereum (ETH) trading to 5 million customers according to a report by Bloomberg. This report was met with a lot of excitement among the crypto community at a time where banks and other…

Myanmar Central Bank moves to tame Country’s Bitcoin Thirst

The attractive developing country of Myanmar could be on the verge of losing about $5.8 Billion in foreign direct investments following their anti-Bitcoin and other crypto-currencies stance. Myanmar is hinting at a possible blackballing of Bitcoin, a crypto-currency that has…

EVRYTHNG and IOTA have partnered to boost blockchain IoT use cases

IoT has significant opportunity for consumer products, however, it needs the help of blockchain. Implementing “Distributed Ledger Technology” (DLT) for smart devices can be tricky, and a recent EVRYTHNG/IOTA partnership can help blockchain IoT use cases.

Australia’s labor party will Open up a Blockchain Academy if they take Power

Perth will be home to an Australia a blockchain academy if labor goes on to win the general elections slated for May 8. This will be a first in the country and will definitely excite a lot of crypto enthusiasts…

EU Central Bank: Cryptos no threat to Euro Zone Financial Stability

In what will be seen as a positive step for crypto, the European central bank (ECB) has come out and said that cryptos are no threat to the financial stability of the Euro zone. The European central bank communicated this…

Barclays and RBS show efficiency gain in a blockchain real estate pilot

Real estate a large market, however, real estate transactions are cumbersome, slow, and expensive. A recent blockchain real estate pilot by Barclays and RBS shows promise, though.