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NEO (NEO) vs. Ethereum (ETH): Comparing Web 3.0 to “Smart Economy”

Rebranded from AntShares, NEO was soon proclaimed as one of the “Ethereum Killers” alongside with EOS (EOS) also carrying a similar nickname. However, Ethereum appeared back in 2015 with a revolutionary concept of smart contract operations, which helped it established itself as one of the top projects in the industry. But, since Ethereum is working […]
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Shooter Jennings Talks up Ethereum Based, Peepeth, on the JRE Podcast

The Joe Rogan podcast otherwise known as the JRE podcast has been known to feature a lot of interesting personalities. Recently the podcast featured American singer and songwriter, Shooter Jennings, who indulged Joe Rogan in a conversion about ethereum-based Twitter alternative, Peepeth. Peepeth allows for the deletion of permanent tweets embedded on the blockchain without […]

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Undervalued Altcoin: Ethereum Price Action Struggle, Attempts Recovery from Key Oversold Level – Technical Analysis

Since the cryptomarket bloodbath that began on the start of the year and got extended up to now, altcoin prices have struggled to stay afloat. Most altcoins in the market have lost more than 70% from their all-time high levels. Ethereum price action is on a huge downtrend but is attempting to recover from key […]

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Top 20 Coins Weekly Sentiment Analysis: The Drops Pertain in the Second Week of August

Although slight rises have been noted during the previous week, the market still seems to be acting sluggish, with some minor improvements visible in the market throughout the top 20 coins. While some of the toppers are missing out on collecting rises during a mildly positive impact in the market in the last 24 hours, […]