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Coca-Cola Asked US Department of State’s Help to Combat Forced Labor using Blockchain

Coca-Cola together with two other firms has strike a deal with the U.S. State Department to fight forced labor all over the world through the use of blockchain’s digital ledger technology. The digital ledger will help create a secure registry for Coca-Cola workers and make sure that all of their work hours are tracked and […]

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US Sanctions could Include Digital Wallets – US Treasury Department

The US economic crackdown on countries like Russia, Iran, North Korea, Syria and Venezuela as well as individuals whom the US believes are somewhat a threat to national security or are in a way aiding countries and other individuals who are working against the United States. To this end the US Department of the Treasury […]

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G20 wants to Regulate Cryptocurrencies on all Member Nations by July

Guest Author – Marequitta Unregulated cryptocurrency has become a pressing matter for big corporations, major banking and financial institutions and now even the heads of state of the G20 Economic Summit. Back in February the finance ministers of the G20 met in Buenos Aires, Argentina to discuss trade and commerce between the countries with economic treaties. […]

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Bitcoin’s Lightning network is coming soon to make day-to-day transactions faster

Bitcoin could finally be used for day-to-day transactions. California, USA-based Lightning Labs has launched their beta version of LND, its Lightning network software, which should help users in sending Bitcoin faster to other users. Current Speed of Bitcon Transaction : As recently as January 2018, only 7 Bitcoin transactions could be executed per second. Even […]

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Kevin O’Leary Talks about Bitcoin and Asset-Backed Cryptocurrencies

Blockchain technology is fast earning the reputation of the disruptive technology it is known for. Recent announcements by Kevin O’Leary have further spurred the adaptation of blockchain technology through the upcoming sales of one-third ownership of an extremely reputable NYC hotel via an Initial Coin Offering (ICO) worth $400 million. If this initiative takes off through […]

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Satellite Launched to Space using Blockchain ?

Singapore-based blockchain start-up Spacechain has launched a satellite into space in partnership with another blockchain company Qtum. A Canada-based blockchain company, Blockstream, has also launched a satellite. With these developments, blockchain technology has started making its foray into space. Internet is dominated by a few giant multinational corporations, for e.g. Google and Facebook. Cloud computing […]

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Coinbase bug that allowed stealing of Ethereum found by another company

One of the most prominent crypto exchanges, Coinbase, had a bug in their system which could have been exploited by malicious users to steal Ether. However, VI Company, a Dutch FinTech firm, found the bug and alerted Coinbase, helping the exchange avoid a potentially serious hacking incident. Blockchain technology that the cryptocurrencies are built upon […]

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US National Security Agency can identify Bitcoin users

The United States of America (USA)’s National Security Agency (NSA) can identify Bitcoin users, and they have the capability since several years, as indicated by a report. The report was based on the classified documents that the whistle-blower Edward Snowden had provided. The NSA has a system to harvest, analyze, and process raw internet traffic […]