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Cryptocurrencies for Charities – With Support of Ripple, Coinbase, Pantera Capital, and even the Pineapple Fund

San Francisco is Positively Disrupting the Scene for Charity Fundraising The benefit dinner held by The Tipping Point Community that raised $14 million dollars in cryptocurrencies for charity. The Tipping Point Community is an organization set up to eliminate poverty in the San Francisco Bay Area since 2005. In one of their recent fundraiser gala […]

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Make Trading Bitcoin as Easy as Ordering a Pizza ? by Melbourne-Based Cryptocurrency Exchange Nauticus – A Lofty Ambition

About 9 weeks ago, it was reported that Nauticus had successfully acquired as much as $16.8M through their ongoing Initial Coin Offering (ICO). While it was announced that the final stage of ICO will cease on May 18, it appears that from their website, a “bonus sale” will be made available on May 19. Also, […]

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The Irony: Goldman Sachs is Coming on Board with the Bitcoin Trading Operation A Decade After the 2008 Financial Crisis

It is interesting to note that one of the primary reasons Bitcoin started was due to the financial crisis of 2008. The downfall of Lehman Brothers in September 2008 followed by the huge bailouts using taxpayers’ money has completely highlighted the shortcomings of financial institutions and its infrastructure. “In decentralization we trust” has become the […]

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Is Ripple a Rip-Off? Class-Action Lawsuit Taken Against Ripple Due to the Case of Never-ending ICO

3rd Largest Cryptocurrency in Terms of Market Cap Being the 3rd largest cryptocurrency around should lend a lot of legitimacy to Ripple. Boasting to be “better than any blockchain,” Ripple revolutionizes the global payment infrastructure by making it the most scalable and fastest available. It provides seamless connections that are lower in costs and easily […]

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The Biggest Cryptocurrency Scam Ever – BitConnect – Now Almost Disconnected But Cryptoenthusiast Better Beware

So, what is BitConnect? BitConnect is a bitcoin-lending platform using BitConnect Coin (BCC), a cryptocurrency launched in February 2016. Users are able to lend Bitcoin and earn interest via this platform, self-regulated and peer-to-peer. Transactions made on the BitConnect platform are faster in comparison with the BitCoin platform. This is through using Scrypt as an […]

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Venezuela Government Launches their Commodity-Backed Cryptocurrency Petro and Offers India 30% Discount Off Crude Oil when Paid in Petro

New Cryptocurrency In late March 2018, President Nicolas Maduro officially announced the inception of petro (PTR), Venezuela’s new digital currency. He shares that PTR is backed by the country’s oil, gas, diamonds and gold with $735M being successfully raised on its first pre-sale day. PTR is also meant to aid in overcoming US and EU […]

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Kevin O’Leary Talks about Bitcoin and Asset-Backed Cryptocurrencies

Blockchain technology is fast earning the reputation of the disruptive technology it is known for. Recent announcements by Kevin O’Leary have further spurred the adaptation of blockchain technology through the upcoming sales of one-third ownership of an extremely reputable NYC hotel via an Initial Coin Offering (ICO) worth $400 million. If this initiative takes off through […]