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Australia’s First Blockchain Centre at NSW Hunter Valley

Author – Kate Yong, New Zealand Announcements By Hunter Energy And IOT Group Breaking news from down under comes through the announcement made by Hunter Energy and IOT Group. The former an energy supplier focused on energy transition in Australia and the latter a tech company that derived its company name from yes, you guessed […]

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Coca-Cola Asked US Department of State’s Help to Combat Forced Labor using Blockchain

Coca-Cola together with two other firms has strike a deal with the U.S. State Department to fight forced labor all over the world through the use of blockchain’s digital ledger technology. The digital ledger will help create a secure registry for Coca-Cola workers and make sure that all of their work hours are tracked and […]

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US Sanctions could Include Digital Wallets – US Treasury Department

The US economic crackdown on countries like Russia, Iran, North Korea, Syria and Venezuela as well as individuals whom the US believes are somewhat a threat to national security or are in a way aiding countries and other individuals who are working against the United States. To this end the US Department of the Treasury […]

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G20 wants to Regulate Cryptocurrencies on all Member Nations by July

Guest Author – Marequitta Unregulated cryptocurrency has become a pressing matter for big corporations, major banking and financial institutions and now even the heads of state of the G20 Economic Summit. Back in February the finance ministers of the G20 met in Buenos Aires, Argentina to discuss trade and commerce between the countries with economic treaties. […]

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Ripple xCurrent will be used by Brazil and Latin America’s Largest Bank for Payments Processing

Author – Marequitta Roughly a month ago (February 21), it has been revealed by the Ripple team that Brazil and Latin America’s biggest bank by market cap, Itaú Unibanco, have signed an agreement with Ripple to use its blockchain network’s xCurrent to process remittances and cross-border payments. Ripple is like a combination of an online worldwide […]

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According to German Researchers Bitcoin Blockchain Might Be Hosting Child Abuse Content (Unknowingly)

On March 20, 2018 The Guardian reported that two German researchers from different universities uncovered Bitcoin data that contains content which may be illegal, and whoever downloads it might face criminal charges. Journalists from The Guardian were able to stumble onto a paper that was published by two research groups (one from Frankfurt University and […]

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Debitum Network leverages Ethereum blockchain to facilitate credit for Small Businesses

Author – Anujit Vilnius, Lithuania based Debitum Network is leveraging Ethereum blockchain to solve a well-known problem of world economy, that of small businesses lacking sufficient access to credit. The Initial Coin Offering (ICO) for their token, DEB, was from November 30th to December 30th 2017. The company also won US $ 1 million prize […]

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Renowned geneticist launches blockchain-powered genome sequencing start-up

Author – Anujit Renowned geneticist professor George Church is working on closing a few key opportunity gaps in the space of genome sequencing. The Harvard and MIT scientist is launching his blockchain-powered start-up Nebula Genomics, with crypto token Nebula. DNA data, and genome information within, is very important for multiple reasons. Deoxyribonucleic acid (DNA) and […]


Popular Petition Electoral Initiative may soon be done via a Blockchain System in Brazil

Cryptocurrencies has the world all abuzz and with its mind-boggling potential to completely replace fiat currencies in the distant future, it’s no wonder why big banks and financial institutions want it banned from circulation. Even governments like China and Russia sees it as a problem and wants to ban it as well. They’ve even gone […]