S&P 500 Companies Can Push BTC price to 70K, Investment Firm Says

The price of Bitcoin could be headed a lot higher as more companies make Bitcoin a substantial part of their portfolios, according to a report by ARK Invest. In it’s annual Big Ideas report, ARK said Bitcoin’s price could be…

Former Goldman Sachs CEO: Bitcoin Needs To Be Reigned In

Former Goldman Sachs CEO Lloyd Blankfein says that if he were a regulator, he would be “hyperventilating” at the success of Bitcoin. While giving his two cents about the future of Bitcoin, he seemed amazed at how relaxed regulators have…

Charles Hoskinson: Africa is the Future of De-fi

Cardano’s ADA is one of the crypto’s that have been tipped to blow up this year. Africa may have something to do with it according to Cardano CEO Charles Hoskinson. According to the IOHK (company that owns Cardano) CEO, the…

Walmart Canada launches its blockchain freight tracking and payment system

Blockchain can improve freight management, therefore, the recent launch of a blockchain freight tracking system by Walmart Canada is good news.

Blockchain and 3-D printing expedites aircraft parts manufacturing and distribution

Aircraft parts manufacturing is a large industry with slow processes due to stringent regulations. Blockchain and 3-D printing are changing that.

A proposed privacy-focused web browser is now part of the IBM blockchain patents portfolio

Trackers, ads, cookies, etc. regularly invade users’ privacy when they browse the Internet. A proposed privacy-focused browser as part of the IBM blockchain patents portfolio could provide welcome help.

A blockchain patent application from Alibaba to help to manage blockchain domain names

Alibaba, the giant Chinese conglomerate has filed a blockchain patent application with the USPTO. Its proposed solution could help in managing blockchain domain names, which will help with blockchain adoption.

Popular Cynic; Shark Tank’s Kevin O’Leary Owns Some Bitcoin!

Reality TV show star and business mogul Kevin O’Leary might just be changing his mind about Bitcoin. The businessman who makes appearances on Shark Tank has in the past blasted the crypto space and used words like “Crypto crap” and…

HDBank Becomes First Vietnamese Bank to Issue Blockchain-based Letters of Credit

Major Vietnamese bank HDBank has now become the first in the country to issue letters of Credit (L/C) using the Blockchain. A January 6 report by local media outlet VietNam News, indicated that the issuance document presentation and successful payment…

Luxury Vegas Auto Dealership Benefits from Massive BTC Purchases

A luxury auto dealership in Nevada has reported an increase in BTC payments made. The report speaks to the BTC price rally as mostly high value crypto holders convert their holdings into luxury sports cars. Dealership does not accept BTC…