Brenna Sparks
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Crypto Cutie!!! Adult Film star, Brenna Sparks is on a Mission to Aid Crypto Adoption

Adult film star Brenna Sparks is now doubling as a crypto promoter as well as getting involved in various interviews and stunts that talk up cryptos. In an email that followed up a meeting with coindesk, she addressed the sideways crypto market at the moment by stating that “Traveling upwards doesn’t require the path to […]

power cut
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Republic of Abkhazia Cuts Power on 15 Crypto Mining Facilities inorder to save on Electricity

Crypto mining activities hit a snag in the Republic of Abkhazia after the government decided to cut power to 15 crypto mining facilities. This action was explained in a Facebook post by state electric utility Chernomorenergo RUE, where they cited electricity concerns as the reason behind their actions. According to the post by Chernomorenergo, the […]


Standard chartered bank partners with Siemens on a blockchain based pilot test seeking to completely digitize bank guarantees

International banking giant Standard chartered, is reportedly partnering with the financial arm of tech manufacturing giant Siemens In a pilot project geared towards putting bank guarantees for trade finance on a blockchain. A report from IBS intelligence revealed that the project will also be assisted by digital ledger firm Tradeix. The project main goal is […]

comcast blockgraph
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Comcast to make Block-graph Commercially available in 2019

Comcast, an American telecommunications conglomerate aims to make its blockchain initiative, Blockgraph commercially available in the new year as reported in a December 21 press release. Comcast is currently working hand in hand with NBCUniversal to test Blockgraphs’s capabilities ahead of plans to include the initiative in its 2019 product offering. Founded 17 years ago, […]

binance labs
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Binance to Release First Projects from its Incubation Program

A press release shared to popular crypto publication, cointelegraph, revealed that Binance labs, an arm of the largest crypto exchange in the world, Binance, will be releasing its first batch of blockchain projects from its incubation program. Binance labs have a goal of helping digital asset projects, startups as well as entrepreneurs through direct investments […]

ETSI group
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Major European Telecoms Form Industry Group to look into the Blockchain

The Blockchain is increasingly drawing interest from a number of quarters. Recently the European telecommunications standards institute (ETSI) has thrown its hat into the ring. The European telecommunications body has set up an industry-specific group that will look into the Blockchain in order to explore its viability and potential as they seek to use the […]

Abu Dhabi
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The Abu Dhabi National Oil Company Signs Deal with IBM for a Blockchain Pilot across its Value Chain

The latest Blockchain adoption news comes from the Middle East with the Abu Dhabi national oil company (ADNOC) partnering with IBM to pilot blockchain-based transaction management for its commodities right from the oil rigs to the eventual end users. The just piloted automated blockchain system will encompass oil and gas production management for the ADNOC […]

chinese miners
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Chinese Miners increasingly Shorting their Positions to Survive the Bear Markets

The current bear market is seeing Chinese miners increasingly shorting their positions on crypto. Chinese miners are reportedly the biggest short sellers both in the country and abroad. The increased short selling has been precipitated by severe crypto market decline all through 2018. New age miners are therefore hedging their coins in order to mitigate […]

Chilean government
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Crypto-regulations on the Horizon in Chile thanks to Government Efforts

The Chilean finance minister, Felipe larrain has claimed that state institutions are making steady progress in the development of crypto regulation. According to Larrain, the finance ministry is working hand in hand with the financial stability board, as well as the country’s top bank in order to provide a balanced legal framework that will spur […]