EVRYTHNG and IOTA have partnered to boost blockchain IoT use cases

IoT has significant opportunity for consumer products, however, it needs the help of blockchain. Implementing “Distributed Ledger Technology” (DLT) for smart devices can be tricky, and a recent EVRYTHNG/IOTA partnership can help blockchain IoT use cases.

Australia’s labor party will Open up a Blockchain Academy if they take Power

Perth will be home to an Australia a blockchain academy if labor goes on to win the general elections slated for May 8. This will be a first in the country and will definitely excite a lot of crypto enthusiasts…

Barclays and RBS show efficiency gain in a blockchain real estate pilot

Real estate a large market, however, real estate transactions are cumbersome, slow, and expensive. A recent blockchain real estate pilot by Barclays and RBS shows promise, though.

City of Austin in Texas partners with IOTA Foundation for a blockchain transportation initiative

Smart transportation needs IoT, and blockchain can help here. City of Austin has now teamed up with IOTA Foundation for a blockchain transportation project involving IoT.

Volkswagen plans to use a supply chain blockchain solution to ensure responsible sourcing of lead for their batteries

Responsible sourcing of minerals is a challenge, in view of a lot of mining activities happening in conflict zones. Volkswagen, the German multinational automaker plans to use a supply chain blockchain solution to ensure responsible sourcing of lead for their batteries.

The Chinese city of Guangzhou uses blockchain for business efficiency

Ease of doing business has now assumed high importance, and a Chinese city is now using blockchain for business efficiency.

Samsung makes $2.9 Million Dollar Investment in Crypto Hardware Wallet Ledger

The largest conglomerate out of South Korea and one of the world’s biggest brands Samsung, has invested $2.9 million in crypto hardware wallet manufacturer and custodial service provider ledger in a high profile deal. The deal will see millions pumped…

A new blockchain investment fund enters the market, from a bank owned by Societe Generale

Investment in blockchain is poised to grow, however, it’s not yet easy for blockchain start-ups to receive investment. A new blockchain investment fund from Kleinwort Hambros, a private bank owned by Societe Generale could help.

Max Keiser: People look Stupid When they Challenge Bitcoin

The popular Keiser report which airs on RT.com is quite popular, enjoying audiences in the millions. Crypto enthusiasts will be glad to know that the mother of all crypto’s-Bitcoin- received a shout out from Keiser himself in a recent episode…

SEC wants Funds to Remove the word ‘Blockchain’ from their ETFs

The U.S Securities and Exchange Commission is cracking down on products that could mislead investors that are eager to understand and gain exposure to Bitcoin- or its underlying technology. So serious is the securities watchdog that it is now pressurizing…