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Scientists Say that Bitcoin Adoption Could Exacerbate Global Warming

Scientists have raised a new alarm over climate change, this time showing concern over Bitcoin’s carbon footprint. Scientists are gravely concerned over Bitcoins impact on the earth’s global warming. The report posted on extrapolates data that currently exists on Bitcoin’s electricity consumption along with projections of electricity consumption should Bitcoin be largely adopted in […]

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Fidelity’s Heavy Endorsement Could See Crypto’s Stature as an Asset Class Solidifed

The world’s fourth-largest asset manager, Fidelity launched its crypto custody October 15th. Abigail Johnson the asset management firm’s CEO stated that the firm’s long-term strategy was to make Bitcoin and the rest of the crypto space more accessible to budding investors. The CEO stated that the firm’s goal was to make digitally native assets such […]
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Leaked NSA Software tip Causing Bitcoin and Monero to Becoming targets for Hackers

It has been revealed that hackers are illegally generating Bitcoin, Monero and other cryptocurrencies by making the most out of a software flaw leaked from the United States government. This information raises serious questions about the security of one of the fastest growing financial markets. Recently, illicit crypto mining has risen by 459 percent compared […]

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Top 20 Coins Weekly Sentiment Analysis: The Drops Pertain in the Second Week of August

Although slight rises have been noted during the previous week, the market still seems to be acting sluggish, with some minor improvements visible in the market throughout the top 20 coins. While some of the toppers are missing out on collecting rises during a mildly positive impact in the market in the last 24 hours, […]