Layer1, an American start-up raises $50 million from billionaire Peter Thiel for Bitcoin mining in Texas

Layer1, an American start-up plans to build a giant hub for Bitcoin mining in Texas. The company has raised $50 million from billionaire Peter Thiel.

The US Fed prints new dollars worth more than the Bitcoin market cap, prompting questions

The US Fed prints new dollars worth more than the entire Bitcoin market cap, prompting a Bitcoin expert to suggest that investors should buy Bitcoin.

Mark Cuban on Bitcoin: “I’d rather have bananas”

Billionaire investor Mark Cuban said that he would rather own bananas than own Bitcoin. The billionaire investor made these remarks in a video Q&A with technology news outlet, Wired. During the Q&A session, he answered to a Twitter user who…

IFRIC: Cryptos are neither Financial Assets nor legal Tender

The international financial reporting interpretations committee (IFRIC) has ruled that cryptocurrencies are neither financial assets nor legal tender. The Korea Times reported the development on Sep 23, citing the Korea Accounting institute’s briefing in regard to an IFRIC meeting held…

Nigerian Returns $80K worth of Bitcoin sent to him in Error

According to a report radio France Internationale, a Nigerian has returned $80,000 worth of Bitcoins sent to him in error. Nigerians have often received bad press due to a few individuals from that country who get involved in malicious activities…

Watford FC sign-up Bitcoin as Official Sleeve Sponsor

Watford FC has confirmed Bitcoin as their official sleeve sponsor, in an announcement on their official website. The English premier league side will have the Bitcoin logo appear on the Watford FC shirtsleeve, as part of an educational drive led…

A prominent economist and Wall Street veteran recommends Bitcoin hedge as a strategy against a global economic slowdown

Raoul Pal, a prominent economist and Wall Street veteran who was with Goldman Sachs earlier has recommend Bitcoin hedge as a strategy against the impending global economic slowdown.

Goldman Sachs analysis: Its a Good Time to Buy Bitcoin

If you have been shaking in your boots over the latest BTC market price pullback, there is cause for relief. This is because some Market Intel from Goldman Sachs suggests investors should capitalize on the current price dip and place…

Cryptocurrency Top Gainers and Top Losers – Weekly Report July 29th to August 5th

The majority of top 20 cryptocurrencies appears to be doing more than well with gains striking hard during the entire week between July 29th and August 5th. Bitcoin is rising up by 22% over the period of the last 7…

Proposed legislation to enforce India crypto ban has provisions for penalties and imprisonment

Lawmakers in the Indian parliament are mulling a stringent legislation for enforcing the India crypto ban. The proposed legislation includes steep penalties and 10-years imprisonment.