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Waltonchain (WTC) Up by Nearly 70% in a Single Week

Waltonchain is currently ranked as one of the top 50 cryptocurrencies, at the moment taking the spot of the 48th-best crypto with the market capitalization of 172.5 million dollars. Waltonchain has shown some amazing progress in the market despite the fact that the bear trends are dominating the cryptocurrency market for more than 10 weeks […]

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Nano coin (NANO) in a Strong Rebound despite the Negative Market Trends

Nano coin (NANO), ranked as the 23rd best currency by the market capitalization of over 444 million dollars and counting, is leading the cryptocurrency market on a lonely journey of collecting rises against the fiat. The crypto market has been plummeting for quite some time now as the majority of the market is seen on […]

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Top 20 Coins Weekly Sentiment Analysis: The Drops Pertain in the Second Week of August

Although slight rises have been noted during the previous week, the market still seems to be acting sluggish, with some minor improvements visible in the market throughout the top 20 coins. While some of the toppers are missing out on collecting rises during a mildly positive impact in the market in the last 24 hours, […]