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AmEx powers its membership rewards program with blockchain

American multinational financial services giant American Express (AmEx) has decided to integrate the promising blockchain technology in its membership rewards program. AmEx has partnered with the digital retailer Boxed, for the initial phase of this transformation. At present, onboarding merchants…

Walmart seeks to patent blockchain-powered reselling marketplace

American multinational retail giant Walmart plans to patent a blockchain-based reselling marketplace solution. This has been revealed by the US Patent and Trademark Office (USPTO) recently, as part of the patenting process. A customer who wants to resell a product…

A General Motors blockchain patent could facilitate information sharing by autonomous cars

Autonomous cars will use and create massive amount of data. For self-driving cars to become a reality, effective information sharing between many stakeholders is imperative. A General Motors blockchain patent could pave way for secured information sharing.

Is a Facebook blockchain move in the pipeline to protect users’ data?

Technology giants like Facebook and Google collect massive amount of user data. Users have no control over the destiny of this data. The data may be sold, or hacked. A Facebook blockchain move may be in the pipeline to protect users’ data, as a Mark Zuckerberg interview seems to indicate.

BMW blockchain initiatives pick up pace with the company hosting MOBI

BMW is increasingly embracing blockchain. The company’s seriousness about the technology once again finds expression when they hosted Mobility Open Blockchain Initiative (MOBI) in their Munich IT center.

Police in India arrests four accused in a $ 14 million crypto scam

olice in Mumbai, the western Indian city that’s also known as the financial capital of the country have arrested four accused in a crypto scam. The accused had cheated investors promising them unrealistic returns. India doesn’t allow cryptocurrencies.

IBM blockchain supply chain solution keeps oranges fresh and juicy with an efficient bill of lading!

Bill of lading is time-consuming and impacts the container shipping industry. IBM blockchain supply chain solution is reducing the time to complete bill of lading, as a pilot project to track an orange shipment shows.

JPMorgan blockchain bullishness remains intact despite the crypto market bear run

JPMorgan blockchain optimism is intact. The American multinational investment banking giant believes that the technology will continue to see increased adoption despite the prevailing downturn in the crypto market. A senior leader in JPMorgan recently expressed his confidence that the…

Blockchain-powered music streaming service Choon launches Beta version of platform

Choon, the music streaming service and digital payments ecosystem, has launched the beta version of their platform. They provide a platform to independent artists, who will get paid with their NOTES cryptocurrency. Current state of music streaming industry (Source of…

HTC plans to launch blockchain-enabled smartphone

HTC plans to launch blockchain-enabled smartphone: Taiwanese consumer electronics and smartphone maker HTC plans to launch a smartphone that can also serve as a Bitcoin node. It will be known as HTC Exodus. While cryptocurrencies have attracted enthusiasts all around…