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Crypto Market Top Gainers and Top Losers – November 12th to November 18th

Even though it didn’t appear so in the first days of the month, the last week was marked in a bloodbath for all major cryptos as even Bitcoin and Ethereum touched their new lows for the year 2018.

In the market craze of negative trends that marked the week between November 12th and November 18th, despite all cuts and losses we could still see some major gains and top trading cryptos even though there are reciprocal top losers too.

Top Weekly Gainers of the Crypto Market: XRP Tops the Top List, Nasdacoin (NSD) Takes the Most Gains

Talking about a crypto that took the most gains during this price dipping week in the crypto market, we can’t miss on mentioning Nasdacoin (NSD).

Nasdacoin might only be ranked below the top 100 list of trading coins, but NSD managed to collect over 218% of gains during the course of the last week even though we can now see it dropping by over -14% in the last 24 hours.

Nasdacoin (NSD) – weekly chart – Coinlib

Nasdacoin represents a peer-to-peer currency working on Proof of Work and Proof of Stake hybrid protocol with the main goal of becoming “the advanced solution for all monetary operations.”

NSD is currently traded at 2.54$.

When it comes to the list of top 20 cryptocurrencies, XRP led the rebound run with scoring some amazing gains in the middle of the dipping market that way reaching the spot of the second largest currency.

However, at the end of the week, NEM (XEM) is taking the title of the top gainer of the market among the top 20 list of crypto assets with barely 1% of gains in the course of a week, whereas XRP is marking -0.32% within the same period of time.

NEM (XEM) – weekly chart – Coinlib

Top Weekly Losers of the Crypto Market: Olive (OLE) Definite Loser, Bitcoin Cash Gives Up another Week

 Ranked below the list of top 1000, Olive (OLE) probably doesn’t ring a bell. Perhaps that is no wonder as this currency managed to lose nearly -85% of its total value in the course of the last seven days.

Olive has a rather obscure set of information about it on the internet and even its Twitter account has been suspended.

Olive (OLE) – weekly chart – Coinlib

As far as the top 20 cryptocurrencies concerned the top loser is once again Bitcoin Cash, the second week in a row as BCH is losing -27% of its value in the last week.

After the two teams decided to split and create a hard fork that would result in two separate chains Bitcoin ABC and Bitcoin Satoshi Vision, the things just gotten worse of the fourth largest crypto.

As BCH is dropping below the value of 400$ there are many indications that Bitcoin Cash might continue with declining further from this point.

Bitcoin Cash (BCH) – weekly chart – Coinlib

Moreover, it is considered that Bitcoin Cash might see a prolonged decline perhaps even outside the negative trends as it appears that BCH finds it difficult to acquire any set of gains that could pull the crypto out of the crisis since the fork.


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