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A UK Security service giant adopts crypto custody services to secure “investors’ digital assets”

G4S, a giant security firm based in the UK has for the first time adopted crypto custody services in an effort to secure investors’ digital assets. While broadcasting the move through a press release dated October 16th, the firm indicated it had developed “an innovative new service offering high –security offline storage that helps to […]

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Nearly 400 websites were infected with Coinhive code in the latest cryptojacking incident

Cryptojacking, i.e. hijacking unsuspecting users computers for surreptitious cryptocurrency mining, has become a persistent issue. In the latest such incident, nearly 400 websites were infected with a Coinhive crypto mining code. Cryptocurrency mining is a complex, resource-intensive, and competitive process. A combination of specially designed hardware, special-purpose software, and their users is called “Miner”. A […]