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Crypto Market Top Gainers and Top Losers of the Week – December 3rd to December 9th: The Market is Still Dipping Heavily

The cryptocurrency market is still seen in a major dip although the cryptos were already going through frequent price drops in the course of the last several months.

In oppose to the initial prediction that 2018 will the “the” year for cryptocurrencies and blockchain, we can say that blockchain is getting all the glory wile cryptos are slowly sinking ever since the market went up to reach record prices back in December 2017 and January 2018.

Even though the market is mostly dipping within massively adopted negative trends, as always this week has brought top gainers and top losers.

The underdog Bitcoin SV (BSV) is still progressing as the top gaining currency on the top 20 list, now listed as the 8th-largest crypto by its market cap, scoring a rise of over 140% in the course of two weeks at one point.

Top Gaining Cryptos of the Week: Veros (VRS) Up by Over 500%, Bitcoin SV Working Its Way Up at 2%

Bitcoin SV is once again a top gainer of the week with 2% of gains during the course of the last week, where despite severe dips. Bitcoin SV turns out to be the only crypto in the top 20 to have actually collected some gains to show on the last week’s chart.

At one point, Bitcoin SV skyrocketed to mark over 140% of gains in the course of the last 14 days, which makes it the top gaining crypto among the top 20 list in the past two weeks.

Bitcoin SV (BSV) – weekly chart – Coinlib

In the meanwhile, Veros went up by 572%, scoring nearly 600% of gains in the course of a single week and it seems that VRS is not even feeling the dip based on its current progress.

Veros (VRS) – weekly chart – Coinlib

Veros is said to represent a “use case for storing and processing digital transactions.”

Top Losing Cryptos of the Week: XinFin Network (XDCE) the Definite Loser of the Week, Bitcoin Cash (BCH) Still Plummeting

Perhaps ironically, just as Bitcoin SV, the product of the latest BCH fork made it to the top list of weekly gainers more than one time as of the latest events, Bitcoin Cash is hosted on the top losers list once again.

This time Bitcoin Cash is recording -32% of losses in the course of the last seven days, still heavily dipping since the fork.

Bitcoin Cash (BCH) – weekly chart – Coinlib

That is how BCH was valued at the price of 620$ in mid/November while only less than a single month later, BCH is seen at the value of 107$, now ranked as the 6th biggest cryptocurrency by its market cap.

XinFin Network (XDCE), maybe a less known currency with a thicker XDCE, is a definite loser of the week as the crypto dropped by -54% in the course of the last week.

XinFin Network (XDCE) – weekly report – Coinlib

XinFin is said to be focused on cryptocurrency and blockchain adoption while offering hybrid blockchain solutions for XDCE community.

Upon the end of the week, XDCE is seen in an attempt of rebounding, however, the gains are barely hovering around 1%.


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