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Nano coin (NANO) in a Strong Rebound despite the Negative Market Trends

Nano coin (NANO), ranked as the 23rd best currency by the market capitalization of over 444 million dollars and counting, is leading the cryptocurrency market on a lonely journey of collecting rises against the fiat.

The crypto market has been plummeting for quite some time now as the majority of the market is seen on a massive downfall with only occasional positive price swings every once in a while.

However, Nano made quite a performance already two weeks in a row, while gaining up to 127% against the fiat during the course of seven days concluded with August 26th, also going above the amazing 200% against the dollar in the last two weeks.

Nano coin is Spiking up Big Time

If you take a look at all currencies charts for the last couple of months, you will certainly notice that the market is painting an image of a vulnerable volatility. However, some currencies are gaining momentum in the market by attracting investors even in the “dark times”, with Nano also showing an amazing progress in the market despite the bear trends.

While the most of the actively traded cryptos are dropping against the fiat for a prolonged time, Nano is showing positive results on the weekly and monthly basis, also going up by over 2200%.

Nano (NANO) Weekly Chart

Moreover, this crypto has made it with over 200% against the dollar, currently marking 210% of gains in the last two weeks, concluded on August 26th.

During the last week alone, Nano managed to collect 90% of gains against the fiat and despite the sluggish trends in the market, while this week the crypto made it up to 127% against the dollar.

During the 60 day period, NANO made it above 50%, also maintaining the success during the period of a single month, “easily” making in one of the top gainers among the crypto markets despite the fact that the market is “falling apart” for quite some time now.

The fact that NANO is still not plummeting even after two months of prolonged success diminishes any doubts regarding the pump and dump scheme, making NANO price pump seem pretty “organic”.

NANO and the Potential Reasons behind the Price Pump

Nano has been through some pretty significant changes during the period of the last two months. That is how NANO users could take advantage of the latest addition of Ledger S support for Nano, as well as enjoy new wallet releases, the release of new version of the system, update 15.2, which came with numerous fixes and improvements.

Nano also became available on London Block Exchange, which made it more accessible to a wider audience of users, bringing the additional attention of investors to this crypto.

With the current changes in the market, Nano can be traded at the price of 3.35$, while the crypto made its all-time high of around 34$ back in January when over 90% of crypto assets has made it to their record prices.


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