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Ransomware: Tor Proxy Service Caught stealing from Ransomware Extortionists

Hackers, ransomware families, and phishing families are netting much the crypto market. The malware and ransomware started to gain traction in the last two years after the bitcoin started to gain much media attention. The Ransomware report Google researchers recently discovered that 34 ransomware families earned a total of at $25 million. This comes after […]


Bitconnect shuts down, deceives its customers and stops controversial lending of BCC token

One of the most controversial coin and often referred to as Bitconnect ponzi scheme lending platform finally shuts down as of Jan 16th. Bitconnect lending platform was trading around 300$ before the announcement. Bitconnect dumped the bitcoin amount to bitconnect tokens which are worthless at the moment plummeted 80%, currently selling at less than 30$. […]