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Amazon Web Services Glitch Puts Major Crypto Exchanges Offline

Nationwide failure of critical Amazon web services (AWS) servers caused two major South Korean crypto exchanges to go offline Thursday morning.

Major internal server failures plaguing AWS, one of the leading cloud services providers led to activities at crypto exchanges, Coinone, and Upbit to come to a grinding halt. Several e-commerce hubs were also affected by this server glitch.

AWS let the world know about the server failures stating that “Between 3:19 PM and 4:43 PM PST we experienced increased error rates in the Asian-Pacific region,” AWS went on to state, “The issue has been resolved and the service is operating normally.”

Following the difficulties at AWS, Upbit went on to issue several statements apologizing and reassuring their customers that the problem would be resolved soon enough. Admins at Upbit also took serious measures to protect users, while also confirming the cancellation of certain trades under certain conditions.

Upbit has since come back online while trading at Coinone is still suspended. This temporarily glitch at AWS showed just how costly it can be to rely on centralized networks.

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