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The Future of Bitcoin Looks Bright with the Arrival of SegWit on Bitfinex and Coinbase

SegWit, or Segregated Witness, is the soft fork change in Bitcoin’s transaction, which has also been applied on other cryptocurrencies such as Litecoin, Vertcoin, and Digibyte. It is a protocol improvement that improves and facilitates scaling. In this way, users from exchanges that have adapted SegWit will have significantly lower transaction fees and improved transaction […]

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The New SegWit2x ( B2X) of Dec 28th has no relation to the cancelled SegWit2x of November – Analysis

As we perform more analysis on the SegWit2x article we published yesterday, it appears that the current new Segwit2X has no relation to the previously cancelled SegWit2x. The new SegWit2x team gets the benefit of using the same name as the previous one to their advantage and in a way is deceptive. The new SegWit2x ( B2X) team also claim to […]

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SegWit2X second round on December 28th ? – Confusion Awakens for Crypto markets

The entire cryptocurrency market went over gaga when the last SegWit2X was above to happen last month. There were a sense of panic selling during the month of November and prices were depressed to the lowest levels. After the Segwit was cancelled the Bitcoin has reached upto 20,000 $ currently reaching the marketcap of $500 […]