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Google Co-founder Reveals That He Mines Ethereum

Morocco is currently hosting the block-chain summit in which Billionaire and Google co-founder Sergey Brin spoke as a panelist on emerging block-chain technologies. The billionaire who happens to be the president of Alphabet Inc., which is Google’s parent company, revealed that he was an Ethereum miner. The fascinating thing about it is that he revealed […]

Wall Street

Goldman Sachs CEO Slams Crypto Currency Cynics

CEO of investment giants Goldman Sachs, Lloyd Blankfein, has hit out at cryptocurrency cynics who believe that cryptocurrency is just a fad. Lloyd voiced his opinion at the economic club of New York conference. Lloyd has long held that cryptocurrency was yet to become a major asset class but must be considered as emerging asset […]

Altcoins Ripple

Ripple CEO Claims That Bitcoin are Controlled by the Chinese – Crypto World Laughs a Loud

Stifle tech analyst, Lee Simpson had the rare opportunity to interview Ripple CEO Brad Garlinghouse at the Intercontinental Boston where an insightful exchange was witnessed. Garlinghouse gave the following insights on Bit-coin and the block-chain as a whole; The Block-chain Won’t Disrupt Banks Brad Garlinghouse insisted that the existence of the block-chain would not harm […]