Amazon’s new blockchain proof of work patent could bring in key improvements in the consensus algorithm

Proof Work algorithm, used in famous cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin and Ethereum could be made more efficient, as the high energy consumption shows. A new Amazon blockchain proof of work patent could change that.

StormX wins a micropayment blockchain patent

Micropayment is a key blockchain use case, however, the scalability remains a challenge. A new StormX micropayment blockchain patent will likely help.

Cybersecurity firm Forcepoint patents a blockchain cybersecurity solution

Adaptive cybersecurity solutions need more and more data, and analytics. A new blockchain cybersecurity patent owned by Forcepoint can help in managing this high volume of data.

Thomson Reuters wins blockchain identity management patent

Identity management is complex and time-consuming, however, blockchain can change that. Thomson Reuters has recently won a blockchain identity management patent, which should simplify identity management.

Accenture blockchain patent drive continues with their blockchain interoperability solution

Accenture blockchain patent drive continues as the technology major proposes to address the blockchain networks interoperability challenges

India enters the global blockchain patent landscape in style, gaining the 6th rank

Innovation is flourishing in India, as the recent India blockchain patent landscape push shows. The country is now ranked 6th globally in terms of number of blockchain patents.

NewVoiceMedia wins a new blockchain cloud security patent

Cloud computing can catalyse exponential growth in the Internet economy, however, security challenges need resolution. A new blockchain cloud security patent by NewVoiceMedia can address the security challenges.

IBM blockchain patents targeting network security and database management published

Network security and database management are two areas where blockchain can help. New IBM blockchain patents in these areas have significant potential.

Bank of America blockchain patent application for “ATM as a Service”

Bank of America blockchain patent spree continues. The bank has a large number of blockchain patents, and has recently filed an application for using the technology in “ATM as a Service”.

JP Morgan intends to patent blockchain-based P2P payment solution

American multinational investment bank and financial services giant JP Morgan Chase & Co. wants to patent a blockchain-powered technology solution that will make peer-to-peer (P2P) payment network for banks a reality. The patent application was filed in October 2017, and…