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NEO (NEO) vs. Ethereum (ETH): Comparing Web 3.0 to “Smart Economy”

Rebranded from AntShares, NEO was soon proclaimed as one of the “Ethereum Killers” alongside with EOS (EOS) also carrying a similar nickname. However, Ethereum appeared back in 2015 with a revolutionary concept of smart contract operations, which helped it established itself as one of the top projects in the industry. But, since Ethereum is working […]

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TRON (TRX) vs. Ethereum (ETH) Price Prediction: Which Will Get Its Needed Bull Run?

Ever since Justin Sun declared the Independence Day for TRON network and TRX holders, TRX has seen some major improvements regarding the overall popularity and the exposure of the currency in the market. Moreover, with the building of Project Atlas that should reward seeders for sharing content via BitTorrent, TRX is seeing some massive momentum, […]