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The Real Cryptocurrency Wedding, Call It as Bitcoin Themed Wedding to Support education equality in India

Bitcoin has a relatively young history from its mysterious inception in 2009 compared with the fiat currency that has been around for the longest of time. With its meteoric rise in value against the USD since mid 2010, its popularity has only followed suit. Just recently in December 2017, a couple in Bangalore, India tied […]

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More than 8 million dollars spent to buy virtual cats on the Ethereum Blockchain

Axiom Zen , an award-winning design studio based in Vancouver, Canada, founded by Roham Gharegozlou in 2012, has launched the online game CryptoKitties on 28th November. Built on blockchain technology, it’s already has has gone viral. As of today the December 7th, the players have spent more than 8 million dollars, on an ‘asset’ with no tangible […]