A proposed privacy-focused web browser is now part of the IBM blockchain patents portfolio

Trackers, ads, cookies, etc. regularly invade users’ privacy when they browse the Internet. A proposed privacy-focused browser as part of the IBM blockchain patents portfolio could provide welcome help.

A new IBM blockchain supply chain platform will make supplier management easier

A new IBM blockchain supply chain platform, created in collaboration with Chainyard, and governed by several businesses together, will add value to supplier management with the power of blockchain.

IBM private blockchain patent seeks to protect enterprise blockchains from “Replay attacks”

Enterprise blockchains need protection from replay attacks. A new IBM private blockchain patent proposes a solution in this regard.

IBM blockchain patents targeting network security and database management published

Network security and database management are two areas where blockchain can help. New IBM blockchain patents in these areas have significant potential.

IBM patents solution to audit blockchains

Technology giant IBM has patented two solutions to audit blockchain networks, which should help organizations to certify the data integrity in their blockchain-based systems. Both patents were recently approved by the US Patent and Trademark Office (USPTO). The world of…

Blockchain-powered solution to assure jewelry buyers launched by IBM

Global technology giant IBM has launched their blockchain-powered TrustChain, a solution that will enhance the much-needed factor of trust in the jewelry industry. IBM is partnering with major players in the jewelry industry, for e.g. Asahi Refining, Helzberg Diamonds, LeachGarner,…

IBM to enter $300 billion crypto market, following blockchain innovation

Several tech giants have announced their entry into blockchain, and are currently pursuing multiple projects, proof of concepts (PoCs), and pilot projects utilizing this technology. However, they have typically been silent vis-a-vis cryptocurrencies. This is changing now, with global tech…