The SEC Settles Registration Charges with two Crypto Startups

The United States Securities and Exchange Commission has continued its in-depth assessment of Initial coin offerings (ICOs) with the body reaching a settlement on two crypto startups. Initial coin offerings (ICOs), may be important platforms for crypto projects to raise funds, but these platforms must also operate in accordance with the regulatory requirements spelled out […]

Altcoins ICO

Thailands Top Regulator Warns Citizens against Investing in Nine Unauthorized Digital Tokens and ICOs

Thailand has moved to regulate the crypto space in the country through the Thai securities and exchange commission (SEC) which issued a warning against investing in nine digital tokens and initial coin offerings (ICOs) that had not been approved by Thai securities and exchange commission. The Thai regulatory body reportedly launched an inquiry into virtual […]
Blockchain ICO Regulations

European Parliament Legislators to Hold Meeting with Blockchain Experts over Possible Ico Regulations

Crypto enthusiasts shriek when the word regulation is brought up. This is because regulations normally have to do with some restriction by some financial regulator likely to make life harder for crypto enthusiasts and investors. This past week, members of the European Parliament met with some blockchain experts in a bid to agree on certain […]