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Forth Arrest made as probe into India’s Money Trade Coin Scam, Intensifies

Indian police have reportedly arrested an associate of a group that’s accused of conducting a crypto scam involving 5 billion rupees which is equivalent to $71.6 million. This is according to an Indian English-language local publication known as the Indian Express. This is the fourth arrest made as investigations continue a year after the fact. […]

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“WordPress of Startups” : Blockchain start-up Elemential is working on making enterprise blockchain easier

Building an enterprise blockchain, developing apps using it, and deploying the apps on it need to have processes, methods, and tools that make it easier to use. Mumbai, India-based blockchain start-up Elemential is working on their Hadron and Federated Network Protocol (FNP) solutions, to do exactly that. Wider adoption of blockchain requires big businesses to […]

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Indian government functionaries continue to discourage cryptocurrencies

The Government of India (GoI) doesn’t regard cryptocurrencies as legal tenders, and senior GoI functionaries continue to discourage use of cryptocurrencies. The latest statement from Mr. Shaktikanta Das, former Secretary of Economic Affairs in GoI, a senior official who was part of policy making exercise regarding cryptocurrencies, conforms to that trend. Mr. Das believes that […]


Indian Information technology (IT) provider Tech Mahindra will invest in blockchain center in Canada

Pune, Maharashtra, India-based multinational IT provider Tech Mahindra has announced that they will invest nearly Canadian $100 million (US $ 79 million) in a Center of Excellence (CoE) in Canada. The CoE will focus on blockchain and Artificial Intelligence (AI) technologies. Tech Mahindra has made this announcement during the recent visit to India by the […]


Government of Maharashtra (India) explores blockchain technology to improve governance

Author – Anujit The state government of Maharashtra, the western Indian state, has started to explore blockchain technology to improve governance delivery, and bring in greater transparency, and in turn, better trust, between citizens and government. With this, the state government of Maharashtra joins a growing list of state and central governments that are evaluating […]


Blockchains LLC acquires over 60,000 acres of land in Nevada

Author – Anujit Nevada, USA-based Blockchains, LLC has purchased over 60,000 acres of land in the Tahoe-Reno Industrial Center, Nevada. With this purchase this relatively lesser known company has certainly made the headlines, more so due to lack of clarity with respect to their plans. Tahoe-Reno Industrial (TRI) center in Nevada already hosts technology giants […]


India cryptocurrency Regulation: Media Misinterprets India Bitcoin Stand – But to Be Tough on the cryptocurrencies.

Author -Anujit India  will not ban cryptocurrencies or crypto exchanges and trading! In the past few days, India has been the main focus as reports of an imminent ‘ban’ on bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies looming in the country. However, India is not introducing a ban or planning to ban crypto exchanges and trading. The reports […]

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Government of India (GoI) discourages cryptocurrencies but welcomes blockchain

Author – Anujit, India On February 1st 2018, the Government of India (GoI), as part of its annual budget exercise, formally discouraged use of cryptocurrencies. However, GoI has also welcomed the blockchain technology, and vowed to explore it further. Reserve Bank of India (RBI), i.e. India’s central bank, had earlier issues 3 warnings to the […]

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State government of Indian state Karnataka explores blockchain to improve e-governance:

Author – Anujith U The state government of Karnataka, a state in the southern part of India , is exploring blockchain technology, for e-governance. A hackathon named “Blockchain Hackathon for Governance” will be held in the state capital Bengaluru, better known as Bangalore, the city which is also often referred to as the Silicon Valley […]