Indian cryptocurrency entrepreneur criticizes the India crypto ban

India has clamped down hard on cryptocurrencies while encouraging blockchain. A complete ban could be in the pipeline and an entrepreneur has recently criticized the India crypto ban.

Indian Crypto Exchanges set their Sights on New Markets

Crypto exchanges in India such as CoinDCX and WazirX are now setting their sights on global markets after one of the country’s leading exchanges Koinex, shut down operations last week citing an unclear regulatory framework in the country. Cryptocurrency exchanges…

Proposed legislation to enforce India crypto ban has provisions for penalties and imprisonment

Lawmakers in the Indian parliament are mulling a stringent legislation for enforcing the India crypto ban. The proposed legislation includes steep penalties and 10-years imprisonment.

Coinbase Expands its Reach to 11 New Countries

Coinbase, a leading crypto-currency exchange platform, has made the announcement that it will be expanding its crypto to crypto trading services to 11 more countries through a statement from its official blog. Today we welcome customers from 11 countries in…

India enters the global blockchain patent landscape in style, gaining the 6th rank

Innovation is flourishing in India, as the recent India blockchain patent landscape push shows. The country is now ranked 6th globally in terms of number of blockchain patents.

Police in India arrests four accused in a $ 14 million crypto scam

olice in Mumbai, the western Indian city that’s also known as the financial capital of the country have arrested four accused in a crypto scam. The accused had cheated investors promising them unrealistic returns. India doesn’t allow cryptocurrencies.

Forth Arrest made as probe into India’s Money Trade Coin Scam, Intensifies

Indian police have reportedly arrested an associate of a group that’s accused of conducting a crypto scam involving 5 billion rupees which is equivalent to $71.6 million. This is according to an Indian English-language local publication known as the Indian…

Unocoin Co-founder Arrested for Setting up Bitcoin ATM in India

37-year-old Harish BN was apprehended this week by the cyber crime police unit in Bengaluru India, for reportedly running a Bitcoin ATM without the relevant approvals. Harish is the cofounder of Unocoin, a blockchain based company responsible for setting up…

“WordPress of Startups” : Blockchain start-up Elemential is working on making enterprise blockchain easier

Building an enterprise blockchain, developing apps using it, and deploying the apps on it need to have processes, methods, and tools that make it easier to use. Mumbai, India-based blockchain start-up Elemential is working on their Hadron and Federated Network…

Indian government functionaries continue to discourage cryptocurrencies

The Government of India (GoI) doesn’t regard cryptocurrencies as legal tenders, and senior GoI functionaries continue to discourage use of cryptocurrencies. The latest statement from Mr. Shaktikanta Das, former Secretary of Economic Affairs in GoI, a senior official who was…