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Operation CryptoSweep: Canada, U.S initiates a major crackdown on crypto scams

An event hosted on Monday by the North America Security Administrators Association (NASAA) saw the much-anticipated crackdown on cryptocurrency scams put into effect. Dubbed “operation cryptosweep”, the operation is aimed at conducting a thorough scrutiny on dozens of potentially malicious cryptocurrency schemes which have been on the spot for collecting thousands of dollars from unsuspecting […]

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The Biggest Cryptocurrency Scam Ever – BitConnect – Now Almost Disconnected But Cryptoenthusiast Better Beware

So, what is BitConnect? BitConnect is a bitcoin-lending platform using BitConnect Coin (BCC), a cryptocurrency launched in February 2016. Users are able to lend Bitcoin and earn interest via this platform, self-regulated and peer-to-peer. Transactions made on the BitConnect platform are faster in comparison with the BitCoin platform. This is through using Scrypt as an […]