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Technology Giants Bosch and IOTA Partner to Launch New Device for IoT Data Collection

Bosch, an electronic manufacturing giant has partnered with IOTA in a bid to integrate its new data collection internet of things (IoT) device with the decentralized IOTA Data Marketplace. This is according to a tweet made by a Bosch representative on November the 12th. The IOTA marketplace is a data marketplace where various interested parties […]

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Can IOTA (MIOTA) Break through the Value of $1 by the end of 2018?

IOTA (MIOTA) is best known by its “blockless” network Tangle that makes up for a unique piece of blockchain technology, also attracting corporative giants like Fujitsu or Volkswagen. IOTA is one of the currencies with the most applied use cases as its technology is being used for applying the next generation of distributed ledger technology […]

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Crypto Coin Review: IOTA – Machine to Machine Economy – High Level

IOTA is one of the most promising cryptocurrency projects currently in development. Sitting at the number 9 spot in terms of market capitalization, IOTA is priced at $2.07 as of press time. What is IOTA? IOTA makes use of distributed ledgers. Unlike most cryptos, it does not use a blockchain. Instead, it uses a technology […]