Cryptocurrency hackers attacked the website of Monero and delivered currency-stealing malware

In a recent incident, cryptocurrency hackers attacked the Monero website and delivered currency-stealing malware to uses that downloaded a wallet for Monero

Organized cyber-attacker group Lazarus continues to raise the crypto malware risks with new techniques

Crypto exchanges continue to be threatened by Lazarus, the organized group of cyber attackers. The group continues to evolve their crypto malware techniques, making detection harder.

Amateur crypto jacking the most prominent and worrying trend in 2018

The year of the crypto boom 2017, also signified a big year for crypto heists since cases of crypto-jacking increased by 8,500 percent. 2018 has also come out as a big year for crypto mining malware according to a report…

Massive malware attack, installs crypto-miner on Windows Systems

The trend of hijacking unsuspecting users computer to mine cryptocurrency continues, and the attacks take different forms. On March 6th, Windows Defender Anti-Virus (AV) detected and largely blocked a malware that infected nearly 500,000 computers and installed cryptocurrency miner code…