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‘Bulletproofs’ effect: Monero transaction charges drop to near zero in a single week

Monero, the 10th biggest cryptocurrency network has witnessed a steep drop in its transaction charges thanks to a successful system upgrade that took effect last Thursday. Reports from CoinMetrics show that the execution of the network’s hard fork scheduled for October 18th saw the transaction charges of the XMR fall by an estimated 95% from […]
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Leaked NSA Software tip Causing Bitcoin and Monero to Becoming targets for Hackers

It has been revealed that hackers are illegally generating Bitcoin, Monero and other cryptocurrencies by making the most out of a software flaw leaked from the United States government. This information raises serious questions about the security of one of the fastest growing financial markets. Recently, illicit crypto mining has risen by 459 percent compared […]

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Crypto mining malware targets Monero !

‘Cryptojacking’, i.e. using unsuspecting users computing resources to mine cryptocurrencies surreptitiously, is becoming increasingly common. In the latest such incident, crypto mining malware designed to mine Monero (XMR) cryptocurrency was used to infect Linux server, taking advantage of five-year-old security vulnerability. Cryptocurrency mining is a complex, resource-intensive, and competitive process. A combination of specially designed […]

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Google DoubleClick targeted by Monero cryptocurrency miners

Trend Micro, a company that provides security software, hardware and services, recently reported Google’s popular DoubleClick has been targeted by cryptocurrency mining code used for mining Monero cryptocurrency. The attacks were noticed between January 18th and 24th, and the countries affected were Japan, France, Taiwan, Italy, and Spain. A subsidiary of Google, DoubleClick develops and […]